1 DIN Video In-Dash Units with GPS

What You Need to Know About In-Dash GPS Units

Youre looking to switch from a portable GPS to an in-dash unit, but you dont know where to start. You want something that can help you with backing up, streaming music, and navigation. eBay is a great place to start with a large selection of affordable single-DIN in-dash GPS units.

How can you play music through an in-dash GPS unit?

Using a larger screen in your dash area can make it easier and safer to play or stream music. Depending on the model, there are many ways to connect your phone, including the following:

  • Bluetooth: Wirelessly connect your phone to your navigation system with Bluetooth.
  • USB: With a cord, connect your phone through a USB port. Quite often, this means your phone will charge while its connected.
  • Auxiliary input: Connect your phone to the unit through an auxiliary cord.
Can you install an in-dash GPS unit into any car?

While not all units will fit with every car, here are some universal single-DIN in-dash GPS systems for your vehicle:

  • Tmaxlife LMC-7008: This has a 7-inch digital slide touch screen with real-time traffic updates, a backup camera, and Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Dual Electronics XDVD1170: This has a 7-inch digital slide touch screen with CD/DVD player, real-time traffic updates, and Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Pyle PL7ANDIN: This has a 7-inch flip-out touch screen with CD/DVD player, Bluetooth capabilities, and integrated Google Maps software.
What features do you want in an in-dash GPS unit?

Since youll be using this as your main navigation system, a few things you might like to have in your single-DIN in-dash GPS system could be the following:

  • A large screen: Normally ranging between 6.1 inches to 9 inches diagonally, the bigger the screen, the easier it will be to see. Youll also want a high resolution for a sharper picture.
  • Touch screen: To make it easy to control, a touch screen in your dash means less fooling around with your phone or portable system.
  • Smartphone integration: Some models will allow you to connect your phone for music streaming or checking out maps. Some also will read text messages aloud and give you the option of replying with your voice.
What is a single in-dash GPS unit?

A single in-dash GPS unit is a system that you install into your vehicle for navigational purposes. The screen is installed into your dash where you can use it as a GPS or for streaming music. If it allows a connection to your phone, you can also use it to access certain apps.