12-Volt Portable Heaters

Things to Know Before Buying a 12-Volt Car Heater

Car heaters are designed to be used in your vehicle in place of or in combination with your pre-installed car heating system. These compact 12-volt heaters are great additions to your cars emergency kit and are an inexpensive alternative to repairing a broken heating system in a beater car. Let eBay help you choose from a wide selection of new and used heaters.

What kind of power supply do 12-volt car heaters use?

There are two primary power options for 12-volt car heaters. You can plug the device into your cigarette lighter or connect it directly to your vehicle?s battery. Many car heaters on eBay will have both power supply options, however, you will need to verify in the product description.

With heaters that direct wire to the car battery, you?ll need to run the cables into the cab your vehicle. If you?re looking for a versatile device you can use for activities such as camping, power cords that average fourteen feet allow you to use direct wire heaters outside of your vehicle.

These are the types of power supplies available:

  • Cigarette lighter
  • Direct wire to vehicle battery
What are some other features?

Whether you?re road tripping, camping, or just want a backup to your vehicle?s pre-installed unit, heaters are an inexpensive and smart investment. One of the cool things of car heaters is that they can also be used for cooling. Most devices have a cooling switch that offers a fan only option.

Here are some features of a 12-volt car heater:

  • Two power supply options: Direct wire to the vehicle battery or plug into the cigarette lighter
  • Hot and cold switch: Allows you to switch from hot air to fan only
  • Mounting mechanism: Adhesive tape or mounting brackets
  • 12 volts: Low energy consumption
  • Pliers and silicon pad: For select direct wire heaters
Where does the device mount?

Where you mount your device depends largely upon how you?re planning on using it. If the primary purpose is to use the heater as a window defroster then the best place for your device will be on your vehicle?s dashboard. Most devices have swivel features and multiple fan settings that allow you to adjust the airflow for faster defrosting.

Most devices mount safely to the dashboard for general heating purposes. If you?re using the 12-volt to heat your RV then the best place may be on a countertop in the area you wish to heat. Some devices can be placed on the floor of the vehicle, but you?ll want to verify with the device?s user manual as not all heaters have this feature.