14 AWG Car Audio Power and Speaker Wire

Find Affordable 14-Gauge Wire for Your Car Stereo

When you are looking to wire up the audio system in your car, home, or office, 14-gauge speaker wire can get the job done right. There are many affordable 14-gauge audio power and speaker wires to choose from on eBay.

How far can you run 14-gauge speaker wire?

The distance you can run speaker wire and expect quality sound depends on the thickness of your speaker wire, which is measured by gauge. The smaller the gauge, the thicker your wire. A quality 14-gauge wire can take your sound to distances of 100 to 200 feet successfully. Due to the speed that sound travels, shorter lengths will not noticeably improve sound quality.

What are some things to consider with 14-gauge wire?

Not all 14-gauge wire is created equal. When looking for the right wire for your stereo and audio needs, consider the items below:

  • Packaging: If you are looking for bulk 14-gauge wire, consider the packaging carefully. Some wires come in boxes for easy access; other wires come on convenient reels.
  • Materials: The materials used in your wire may affect its rating. Two main types of 14-gauge speaker wires are CCA and OFC. Check the specs of your wire before making a decision.
  • Color: Often, 14-gauge wire will be hidden in your car frame or behind your wall. Color can still play an important role. There are 14-gauge wires in red, clear, black, yellow, blue, white, and more. Unique colors can help with color-coding. Or if the wires will be seen, you may want a color that blends in with your environment.
  • Length: 14-gauge speaker wire is available in many lengths. If you are planning on doing a lot of wiring projects, consider buying your wire in bulk. It could save you a little money.
What is the difference between CCA and OFC cable?

CCA wire has an aluminum core that is copper clad, meaning it is dipped in copper. The CCA stands for copper-clad aluminum wire. It is an excellent option if you are on a tight budget. OFC is oxygen-free copper that has higher thermal conductivity than CCA. The OFC utilizes a copper alloy that has been refined electrolytically to reduce the oxygen levels to .001 % or lower. The OFC is believed to have a higher ability to play low-frequency sounds.

What is 14-gauge wire?

The 14-gauge wire is a grade of wire that is commonly used to wire car stereo systems and home audio systems. It has a max wattage load of 1800 watts (or 120 volts) and is rated for 15 amps of current.