16 Channels Surveillance DVDs & NVRs

Record Multiple Shows With a 16-Channel DVR

Every member of your family argues every week over whose favorite show will end up on the DVR recordings list. Solve the problem with a 16-channel digital video recorder (DVR), which works like a video recorder that captures DVD images and even shows on television. These analog devices use HDMI, BNC, and HDD video to create high-quality DVDs or images that you can store on a hard drive. The options they provide the average user are diverse.

What features are available for DVRs?

When buying a DVR for channel recording, there are many types of features to consider. While these products work as a powerful video recorder, they can also be adapted for use in multiple different channels. A few of the highlights to consider include:

  • HDMI ports: These items allow you to hook your DVR up to a computer or a storage system and record your movies, TV shows, sports games, or DVDs directly to a hard drive or cloud storage space.
  • Audio recording: Some types of multiple channel DVR recorders allow you to record music instead of video. Like with video recording, you can transfer this information to a separate storage medium.
  • IP camera: Hooking up an IP camera to your DVR allows you to create different videos and upload them to a YouTube or Vimeo channel. You can also use these IP cameras to capture HDD or BNC videos.
  • Mobile phone access: Hooking your phone up to a DVR allows you to control it as a remote. Therefore, you can use this analog device to change when you record and when your shows play.
What level of resolution is available?

The resolutions available with these DVRs depend on the channel. For example, 16-channel videos are typically fuller and have a more vibrant look. However, some channels are going to have a lower resolution. Generally, a 16-channel recorder is going to have anywhere from 720p all the way up to 2160p and even 1080i.

The resolution will change depending on how much of the channel spectrum that your DVR uses when recording. While a 16-channel device can record up to 16 different channels, some DVDs, movies, and even television shows will use fewer channels. Thankfully, your DVR will let you know how many channels are being used to provide you with an insight into your available resolution.

How much storage space can they hold?

The storage capacity of one of these devices will vary depending on the model you buy. Some have less than 100GB of space, which is usually good enough for at least a few movies and a season of a television series. Other models hold anywhere from 250GB to 750GB, and allow you to transfer these recordings to other storage mediums.

However, higher-end models can store several terabytes of information. For example, there are several 1TB to 4TB models available for those interested. These DVRs can store an entire movie library and can save an almost unlimited amount of music. Like with any other DVR, they can be hooked up to another storage device if you run out of storage space.