1947 Heavy Equipment Parts & Accessories

Keep Your Vintage Tractor in Perfect Working Condition This Spring

The Farmall Cub went into production in 1947 and still serves as a workhorse tractor that many farmers depend up to the modern day. These tractors are known for their reliability, but you may want to update or replace components before the warm weather comes. Fortunately, there are a variety of aftermarket components so that you can make your 1947 Ford tractor feel up to date this spring and summer.

How do tractor water pumps work?

The water pump inside your tractor is designed to push coolant from the radiator throughout the coolant system. After it arrives in the coolant system, it then flows into the engine and back into the radiator. As it flows through your system, heat is picked up from the engine and transferred into the air via the radiator.

Without the pump, the coolant wouldn’t flow, and your tractor could easily overheat. This would result in damage to your tractor’s engine. If your water pump looks like it will stop working correctly, it will need to be replaced before the system experiences faults.

What can you attach to the Ford tractor 8n?

A drawbar is positioned along the tractor's rear and serves as a solid coupling point between the tractor and the load. You can easily pull various items that you can’t merely push using a three-point attachment system that fits on the front of the farming equipment. Here are a few pull-behind examples of equipment that you can use this spring:

  • Harrow Blades – Not all harrows are designed to attach to the front of your tractor; some are pull-behind units that you drag for tilling. Pull-behind harrows are often used to till larger plots during warm weather and are very common in vintage tractors.
  • Backhoe – If you find that you often need to dig out large areas of soil, then a backhoe attachment may be a good choice. Backhoes are for excavating, and they also include hydraulically-powered stabilizers so that the tractor won’t move while you dig.
  • Various Items That Need to be Moved – Drawbars can also be used to pull loose items like large logs with your tractor. You can easily attach a chain and attach the other end to the larger item.
What other accessories and parts for your tractor can be purchased on the aftermarket?

Farmal tractors are very versatile, so there’s a significant presence when you’re looking for components. Here are a few examples:

  • Carburetors and Engine Farmall Cub Parts
  • Tractor Covers
  • Harrows
  • Temperature Gauges
  • Body Components
How does a temperature gauge for a vintage tractor help an operator keep track of the engine?

On a vintage tractor, a gauge helps you keep track of the engine temperature. If you have a water pump that’s not successfully pushing coolant through the system, then the engine's temperature will increase. On average, your tractor should have a temperature that will range between 150 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Any warmer, and there may be an issue with the coolant system. On a modern tractor, a temperature that exceeds 220 degrees Fahrenheit will typically trigger an alert. On an older model tractor like a Ford 8n, the temperature gauge indicator will point to the red section.

There can be up to three gauges for a tractor that include indicator gauges for water temperature, oil temperature, and amperes. For these types of models, these 8n Ford tractor parts will be analog.

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