4 TB USB Internal Hard Disk Drives

Frequently Asked Questions about 4TB Storaage Capacity Internal Hard Disk Drives

A 4TB hard drive is intended for gamers, working professionals, and anyone else needing space to store a large amount of digital information. These 4TB internal hard drives connect directly to one of the bays inside of your computer for convenient uploading and easy storage. A hard drive can be used to increase your storage capabilities, build a new computer, or add a second storage drive if you have an open slot.

How do you choose the right 4TB hard drive?

When purchasing a new or used 4TB storage capacity internal hard disk drive from eBay, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Form factor: There are generally two common types of form factors: a 2.5-inch drive intended for laptop computers and a 3.5-inch drive generally intended for desktop computers. A smaller type of 1.8-inch drive does exist, although it is no longer in production.
  • Rotational speed: The rotational speed is a measurement of how quickly the disk can spin. It is given as RPM, or revolutions per minute. The rotational speed helps to determine the latency, or the slight delay in the time it takes to access data. The most common rotational speeds are 4,800 RPM, which has a latency of 6.25 milliseconds, 5,400 RPM, which has a latency of 5.55 milliseconds, and 7,200 RPM, which has a latency of 4.16 milliseconds.
  • Data transfer rate: The transfer rate is typically determined by the bus interface it uses to connect with the motherboard. The drive will frequently say something like 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s to indicate the maximum raw data rate, although the actual real-world rate is slightly lower.
How do you choose the right interface?

You will need to make sure that the hard drive has the same interface as the one in your motherboard. Here is the difference between them:

  • SATA: SATA is the most common interface in the consumer market. There are multiple versions of SATA, from versions 1.0 to 3.3. They are compatible with each other, but each subsequent version has a higher transfer date.
  • Mini-SATA: A smaller version of SATA sometimes used in some laptops and small computers.
  • PATA: PATA was the most common interface before SATA superseded it. PATA may still be used in legacy computers.
  • SAS: Though physically similar to SATA, SAS is more commonly used in servers instead.
What devices are compatible with an internal hard drive?

Apart from laptop and desktop computers, internal hard drives are also frequently used in home DVRs, workstations, servers, and other high-end computers running enterprise-class software. The enterprise-class hard drives are typically built more for high-end performance and durability.