Choosing a New Internal Hard Drive for Your Computer

If you are a gamer, video producer, scientist, or anyone else who needs a quality computer for work, you may choose to build your own computer. To do this, you will need a range of quality parts, including a decent hard drive (HDD) with modern SAS or SATA interface. Alternatively, you may also need to get a new hard drive if the one on your existing computer breaks, or if you simply want to upgrade the one that you have.

What Are the Most Important Technical Considerations When Choosing a New Drive?

There is plenty to think about when it comes to choosing new parts for your computer. You want something that is quality and durable, that performs well, and is compatible with the rest of your computer. The range of SAS drives is large, and it can be hard to choose the right one. Consider the following important things:

  • Their storage capacity - Hard drives come in a range of sizes, with anything from hundreds of GB to multiple TB out there. Newer drives are getting bigger and bigger, and it isn't uncommon to find one with 2, 3, or even 4 TB of storage. However, note that, unless you are storing large video or audio files, you probably won't need this much space.
  • Their interface - There are three main HDD interfaces, SAS, PATA and SATA. The PATA interface is usually found in older computers, while SATA and SAS are more modern. Make sure that you get the right one for your computer.
  • Their speed (RPM) - The third main thing to consider is the speed of your hard drive. While most modern SAS drives are all relatively fast, ones with a higher RPM will retrieve and store data faster.

What Physical Features Do I Need to Keep in Mind?

There are a few other points to be aware of when choosing a new hard drive for your computer. These will affect the installation of your drive and running of your computer, and include:

  • Their size - It is very important to make sure that you get a hard drive that is the right size for your computer. If you don't, you may find that you have trouble installing your drive or that it simply doesn't fit. Note that drives with more TB of space will sometimes be larger. Choose something with less TB if you need to.
  • Their power consumption - Drives that consume more power will be noisier and will get hotter. Choose something with a low power consumption if possible.
  • Their age - Newer hard drives will be better suited to newer computers. However, if you have an older device, then you may find that you have to look for an older style hard drive.