500 GB Storage Capacity Internal Hard Disk Drives

Maximize the Storage Memory in Your Computer With a 500GB Laptop Hard Drive

Save all your critical tax-related and other financial documents for your business onto a 500GB laptop hard drive. The drive installed in your computer isnt necessarily intended to serve as a permanent method of storage. Purchasing an updated drive on eBay takes little time and effort, and youll be able to find the storage option with the specs that you need.

What type of hard drives are available for laptops?

Not every hard drive is identical. Different versions of hard drives exist to meet the specifications of a particular laptop. Also, computer consumers may possess different requirements for a specific laptop. For example, some may prefer a solid-state drive (SSD), which is faster and more advanced than a hard disc drive (HDD). A solid-state drive doesnt spin or employ the needle construct of an HDD, either. Still, an HDD still serves the primary function users want in a hard drive: an HDD reliably stores data.

What types of interfaces connect a hard disc to laptops?

The design of a hard disc drive integrates a specific means of connecting the drive to the actual computer. Once connected, the hard drive -- SSD or HDD -- communicates with the laptop. Not all interfaces are identical. When looking over the different hard drive listings on eBay, make sure you choose one with the appropriate interface for your computer. Otherwise, the drive wont be compatible. Here are two possible different interfaces:

  • SATA: SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. SATA interfaces are known for their high-speed transfers. Laptop owners may choose from SATA I, II, and III.
  • IDE/EIDE: The Integrated Device Electronics and Enhanced-Integrated Device Electronics interfaces not only connect drives, but they are also known for their abilities to support connected other drives. EIDE is the faster and more storage capacity of the two.
What is meant by an internal hard drive?

An internal hard drive refers to one that installs inside an actual personal computer or laptop. An internal drive is not to be confused with an external one. External drives are separate devices that connect via a USB cable. External drives also require a power source to operate. On a laptop, screws commonly hold an access casing in place. Upon removing the casing, the hard drive may be taken out and replaced by another one. The "pin" section of the hard drive inserts into the appropriate cable slot. This way, the hard drive communicates with the motherboard. Computer owners wishing to upgrade to a 500GB hard drive or replace one already filled can do so.