All About $500 US Paper Money

The $500 US paper bill is a sought-after currency by rare money collectors. Several variations of the bill have been introduced since the early part of the century and the denomination has been out of circulation for decades. Collectible and used variations of the $500 paper money are sold on eBay.

When was the last circulation year of the $500 note?

The Federal Reserve halted the circulation of the $500-dollar bill in the late 1960s. However, prior to its last issue, several variations of the currency were circulated as legal tender. The reserve decided to discontinue printing the notes since not a lot of people were using them. It is one of the largest denominations issued by the reserve.

What are the distinct features of the $500 note?
  • Images and Numbers - The bill features a visible Federal Reserve note sign on the top. At the center, it has the image of the 25th US President, William McKinley. The number 500 and the phrase ?five hundred dollars? is printed on the reverse side of the currency.
  • Date of Issuance - The first series were printed in 1928, 1934, and 1934A.
  • Districts - The $500 banknote was issued from more than 30 federal bank districts. The district letter and number can be seen on the left side of the bill. For example, a $500 note from Chicago, Illinois would have a circular logo with a ?G? in the middle. A bill from St. Louis, Missouri would have the letter ?H? in the logo.
What determines the value of a $500 note?
  • Serial Number - Notes with a serial number of below 100 are usually sought after by collectors. When it comes to value, the lowest serial numbers usually sell for a higher price.
  • Circulation Numbers - Limited circulation bills sell for a premium. This means that only several thousand of these notes were printed for a certain period of time.
  • Star Symbol - The star symbol can only be found in certain $500 notes.
  • Paper Note Quality - The value of the $500 note also depends on the quality of the bill. Collectors would often store their valuable bank notes in mylar plastic to prevent deterioration.