6.5in. altavoz para automóvil y parrillas de subwoofer

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Choosing the Right 6.5-inch Speaker Grills

Whether you're customizing your own speaker system or your existing enclosure becomes damaged or bent, a speaker grill is a necessary component that protects the internal sensitive parts of your speaker or subwoofer. You'll need to ensure that you get the right component for your audio system so everything works as it should and your sound quality isn't compromised.

Which Brands Make Speaker Grills?

You may want to shop by brand depending on the type of equipment you already have in order to create a compatible match.

  • JL Audio offers numerous grills that are made of different materials, like chrome. They're compatible with many models including car stereo systems and marine speakers and woofers.
  • You can pick up a vented grill for a speaker by Kenwood. They're compatible with audio speakers for your car that work with select models, so match up the model numbers when you're replacing your existing speakers.
  • Electronics brand Pioneer makes a variety of grills and enclosures for equipment and subwoofers. They come in varied models and are made of materials like rigid ABS plastic.

Which Features Do Grills Offer?

It's wise to consider what a grill can do for your system because while they may be minor accessories, they do offer features that can improve sound quality.

  • Some models are clipless, which means that they don't require hardware to install onto the component, and they're flexible and able to move around with ease, so you can adjust them as you desire.
  • A grill can add a stylish aspect to your system. Since they come in different designs and materials, they can change the way your components look. Models vary from mesh to plastic to shiny metal and chrome.
  • You can keep your subwoofers protected and ensure a longer lifespan for them when you cover them with a grill.

How Do You Buy Speaker Grills?

There are a few considerations to make when you're purchasing these accessories to cover your woofers and car speakers.

  • You don't have to purchase these products as a pair, though they do come that way. When you're just replacing or adding a single component, it's possible to purchase one grill independently.
  • Verify that you are buying a grill that comes with the hardware required for installation. For models that don't, you'll need to know whether you need clips or screws to place them properly, along with specific tools like a screwdriver, so you'll be prepared to install them when they arrive.
  • Double-check that you've got the right brand, model number, material, and color you want before ordering. Even though they're the same 6.5-inch size, a grill that doesn't fit your specific model and design may not work like you want it to.

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