Probadores de Batería 6 V/12 V

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Testers for 6V and 12V batteries

With each passing year, we rely increasingly on our vehicles - cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats - to get where we need to go. There are a number of things that can make a battery unreliable, such as heavy use or very cold weather. A good 6V or 12V battery load tester will check your batteries to make sure it is still good.

What is a battery tester?

A battery tester is an electronic device used to test the state of an electric battery. A load tester can be a simple device used to test the charge present in the cells. It can also be a more comprehensive device that will check the actual condition of the battery. This includes the charging capacity of batteries, as well as potential flaws that affect performance.

What are the different kinds of voltmeter?

The most simple is a DC ammeter which indicates the battery's charge rate. A DC voltmeter can estimate the charge rate if nominal voltage is known. You can get testers with a simple needle construct or ones that are digital.

How does a load tester work?

A load tester puts an electrical load on the batteries being tested. It shows your starting voltage. With load testing, you put a demand on the system. This allows you to monitor the system's performance under normal and peak load conditions. After attaching the electrodes, a load is applied for 10 seconds. As the needle falls, you watch it and if it goes into the bad range, which is below 11 volts, then your battery needs attention.

What should be the voltage read on a car battery?

When fully charged, batteries should have a voltage of 12.6. If testing with the engine running, this reading should be 13.7 to 14.7 volts. When batteries are dead, the voltage reads 12.0. A reading of 12.4 indicates that they are 50% charged.

Why should a battery be tested under a load?

A simple voltage test only tells how many volts are put out by batteries. This will tell if the battery is fully charged, but will not tell the actual condition it is in. A load test will check the batteries to see if they will hold a charge. They must be able to hold and deliver power for a sustained period of time in order to pass the load test.

Caring for your vehicle's batteries will help ensure you will be able to start your car when you need it. A load test will tell you if your batteries need replacement or not.