Know More About Installation and Material Options for the 6-inch by 9-inch Speaker Grill

A speaker grill is used to cover the factory speakers or aftermarket subwoofers of a speaker driver. The purpose of grill covers is to protect the speaker from interaction with foreign objects that could damage the speaker itself. There are many hard and soft material grill options on eBay, giving you an abundance of choices.

Can car speaker grills be used on factory speakers?

Not only can speaker grills be added to subwoofers and aftermarket speakers, but they can also be used to cover factory speakers, such as those installed in vehicle doors. For installation with factory audio speakers, its important to choose options that will replace existing covers without interfering with sound quality. To do this, choose options that use the same mounting screw locations.

What tools are needed to install this speaker grill?

A 6-inch by 9-inch speaker grill installs over a subwoofer speaker of the same size and will fit over most factory car speakers too. Installing this car audio equipment can be done with just a few tools. Before starting the installation, its important to gather a few tools and read the instruction manual. Items needed to complete this installation include but may not be limited to the following tools:

  • Screwdrivers (Philips and flathead), or a drill with different bits
  • Socket wrench set
  • Wire cutters
  • Panel tool removal
  • High-quality electrical tape
What are car speaker grill material options?

When choosing car speaker grills for a vehicles audio system, its important to realize material options can influence the sound from the speaker. Most options are created with aluminum. Mild steel is also an acceptable material choice. Grills can also be created with bare metal or galvanized steel. The biggest difference between these metal options is how difficult it is to punch through the material.

To avoid any future installation issues, its vital to consider material options and whether youll need to drill or punch through the material during the installation process. For those worried about car or subwoofer speaker grill interference, a soft grill may be a better option. Soft grill material options include foam, weaving, fabric, and car upholstery.

Can you use small speaker grills to customize interiors?

In addition to protecting a cars speakers from foreign objects, grilles can also be used to customize a vehicles interiors. For instance, the material that covers the speaker and the plastic that surrounds the cover can be chosen in several different colors and styles. With many options available, installers can get creative with customization.