Calcomanías y letreros de seguridad para el Hogar ADT

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Deter Thieves With ADT Security Stickers

If you have a home alarm system, posting ADT stickers and yard signs would let potential thieves know that your house isn't the one to mess with. Find a vast array of ADT home security signs on eBay at a range of prices to better protect your property.

Where should alarm stickers be placed?

Yard signs and stickers aren't the most attractive home decor, but resist the urge to try and make them blend into the landscape. A burglar who doesn't notice your signage won't be deterred. Remember, too, not to put all your eggs in one basket. A blue sign, for example, may be hard to see at night while a white one is highly visible. To give potential burglars adequate time to decide to walk away from your home, get signage in a few different shapes and colors. Place stickers and signs in the following locations, keeping them at eye level when you can:

  • On doors and windows, including basement and patio doors
  • In flower beds that offer a clear view unobstructed by overgrown plants
  • On the mailbox post
  • Around the perimeter of your property
How to get the most benefits from security stickers?

Poorly crafted security signs and stickers don't protect homes well. If a sticker is blurry or contains a spelling error, thieves will quickly determine that the warning sticker is a fake one and there probably isn't really an alarm in your home. An obvious fake won't deter anyone. Signage containing a fake company name is also easy to spot. Understand that time matters, too. From time to time, alarm companies update their brand and signage. If possible, try to obtain recent signage and stay current. You may not be paying attention to current security branding trends but savvy criminals are.

How many stickers are necessary?

Ideally, you should place yard signs near your doors and on the edges of your property where a thief will see them before getting close to your house. It's also wise to place a decal on every ground level door and window, so take a count of your doors and windows before making a purchase to make sure you get enough decals to go around. Keep a few extra stickers around, too. If a window breaks, you'll have a new sticker to put in the replacement window. You'll also be able to replace dried out decals that don't stay in place anymore.

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