Aaton Movie Cameras

Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting Your Aaton Movie Camera

Film enthusiasts and amateurs alike understand that filming with a handheld video camera is a unique experience. On eBay, you can find Aaton handheld movie camera models as well as necessary spare parts to repair the beloved movie camera you already own. Parts like mount lens adapters, eyepiece extensions, magazines of varying lengths, barneys, and power cables are also available.

Which features should you consider before purchasing a movie camera?

When selecting your handheld movie camera, its important to make the right choice. Here are some factors you may want to consider:

  • Film Width - Movie cameras use film of different widths, measured in millimeters (mm). There are 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm variants.
  • Weight - If youre planning on shooting for long periods of time, remember that the movie camera will be rested on your shoulder and plan accordingly.
  • Video Assist - This feature allows you to view the film youve just taken.
  • Perforation - Some movie cameras have different levels of film perforation. The standard is four, but there are two-perforation and three-perforation models as well.
What are the components of an Aaton handheld movie camera?

Its important to know the different elements that compose your handheld movie camera. That will allow you to know the difference between replaceable parts, optional enhancements, and the core device. A handheld movie camera has:

  • Magazine - This is where the film is stored. Your movie camera will either have a single or double film magazine.
  • Barney This is a soft cover to reduce the amount of noise made by the camera while filming.
  • Lens - This is the key component that captures the image.
  • Battery - Your handheld movie camera has a rechargeable battery. Vintage movie cameras may require special chargers or adapters for use.
What are some models of Aaton movie cameras?

Not all Aaton movie cameras are the same. Here is a listing of Aaton movie camera models that may interest you:

  • A-Minima - This model is conveniently small and uses Super 16 film.
  • Xtera - This model is extremely quiet and uses Super 16 film. It has a built-in video assist feature.
  • Penelope - This model is renowned for its quiet operating system, reducing the need for a barney. Its available in two-perforation and three-perforation variants.
  • Delta - This model has been discontinued, so its a rare find for the vintage handheld camera collector or film buff.
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