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Power Your Acer Aspire With Laptop Batteries

The Aspire line of Acer laptops contains a wide range of laptops and notebooks for casual users, business owners, and serious gamers. Whenever you are away from an outlet, a fully charged laptop battery will let you continue to use your computer for hours. You can select a battery as a replacement for a worn-out unit, or you can use it as a backup in case you need more power than a single battery can provide.

What's the difference between OEM and non-OEM?

You may notice that some batteries are sold as OEM items while others are non-OEM. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. When used to reference power cells for Acer Aspire laptops, this means that the replacement is manufactured by Acer itself. If it is non-OEM, the item was created by another company to be compatible with Acer products.

What are possible features for an Acer laptop battery?

Not all batteries are identical. You may be able to select these features when looking for laptop power cells:

  • Short-circuit protection: This feature helps to keep excessive power currents from causing a device to overheat or short-circuit.
  • Compatible with different voltages: Some power cells may be compatible with multiple types of voltage, so you can use the item with a device that has either 11.1-Volt or 10.8-Volt specifications.
  • Extra power cells: Depending on the type of Acer you have, you may be able to get a six- or 9-cell battery with extra power cells in it.
How long does the battery last?

The length of time you can use your Acer without charging it will vary greatly depending on your computer usage. An Acer Aspire may last two to 12 hours between charges. The following factors may affect your battery power:

  • Light level: The backlight on your screen will drain power more rapidly if it is bright.
  • Processing power: Computers with a lot of processing power require more energy, and the battery will drain faster when you have a lot of programs running at once.
  • Battery age: Older cells may not be able to hold a charge as long as newer ones.
  • Computer hardware: Grime on your battery contacts could cause power leaks.
How do you care for lithium-ion cells?

To keep these batteries in optimal working condition, avoid putting them in overly hot or damp environments. They will do best when kept in cool conditions. You can extend their lifespan by practicing proper charging techniques. Instead of letting a battery drain all its power, then recharging it all at once, try shallow discharges, and only charge it partially each time you use it.

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