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Acoustic Research Vintage Record Players

A vintage record player can provide a nostalgic feel and a unique sound when listening to your music collection. Rather than becoming obsolete, people are actually returning to the turntable and vinyl records for the tone, both on vintage albums and vinyl releases from contemporary artists. Before you turn up the tunes, though, it's important to select the correct device for your specific needs.

What are some features of an Acoustic Research record system?

Acoustic Research turntables were designed and built to play audio from a variety of different-sized records and provide easy connections to your other stereo components.

  • Tone Arm: The tone arms on Acoustic Research turntables are designed to glide onto the record's surface to help prevent scratching. They are engineered to allow a strong signal to be routed to the audio outputs.
  • Platter: Finely tuned parts on these rotating platters are designed to lessen friction, which can impact rotation and place wear and tear on the belt and motor.
  • Cover: The covers on Acoustic Research turntables are built to cover all edges of the system. This is to help minimize dust accumulation, which can cause a degradation in audio quality.
How do you maintain an Acoustic Research record player?

To help boost the audio quality of your turntable, it's important to regularly maintain it. Both preventative maintenance and regular cleaning are essential to the proper operation of your system.

  • Adjust it: To help prevent scratching and skipping, it's a good idea to adjust the tracking force, anti-skate, and height settings on your tonearm. These can become changed over time due to the mechanical movements required to create music.
  • Clean: Cleaning the stylus is a good step to take only if you notice a degradation in audio quality, since cleaning it too often could result in damage. Use a carbon fiber brush and a specialized stylus cleaner.
  • Replace: Due to the motion of your turntable, certain components can wear out with extended use. Plan to replace the stylus after every 3,000 hours or so, and plan to replace the belt, if your device is belt-drive, every few years, depending on your usage level.
What should you consider when buying a record player?

In order to select the Acoustic Research turntable that's right for you, it's important to consider how you'll be using it.

  • Drive System: On a turntable, you can choose between belt drive or direct drive platters. Direct drive platters get up to speed quickly, while belt drive platters tend to maintain a more even speed over a long period of time.
  • Platter Weight: The heavier the turntable platter is, the more consistent the spin speed will be. This results in a more even pitch in the audio that it's playing.
  • Tonearm Activation: Moving the tonearm from it's base to the surface of the record can be done either manually or automatically. Manual tonearms have fewer components to understand and maintain, while powered tonearms may be easier for a beginner, helping you get the stylus in the right place.