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A Buying Guide to Acoustic Research Vintage Speakers

Acoustic Research, founded in 1952 in Cambridge, Mass., is a respected name in the audio community. The company, now owned by VOXX, has designed and manufactured a variety of different speaker models, including some that are still used in recording studios and home sound systems. Each speaker model listed on eBay has a distinct design with its own features for transmitting a full or specific range of audio frequencies.

What are some of the available Acoustic Research speakers?

Since its founding, Acoustic Research has produced a variety of speaker models. Before you purchase AR speakers, be sure that you are getting ones that produce the frequency range you are going for. They also come in different sizes, so that is something to consider as well. Here are some of the AR speaker models available on eBay:

  • AR-2Ax - These are vintage bookshelf speakers designed to create a high-quality sound with loud volume while not taking up too much space.
  • AR-4x - These floor speakers have a three-way design and a walnut cabinet finish with a white grille.
  • ARS500 - This speaker has a one-way design with a subwoofer and is designed to transmit nondirectional subsonic frequencies.
  • AR1 - These hi-fi speakers are installed with a full-range driver, helping them broadcast the full spectrum of audio.
  • AR-5 - AR 5 speakers are vintage mid-sized three-way loudspeakers. They are often used as monitors in a recording studio.

Refurbished vintage Acoustic Research speakers for sale

You can findstereo speakers from this company in a variety of different conditions and prices on eBay. Refurbished models are old speakers that the seller has rebuilt, usually with original parts that match the model they are intended for. The speakers are designed to have the proper parts for that model in that era without the wear and tear they would have incurred if they had been used over time. Aside from refurbished models, eBay listings include open-box and used versions as well as nonworking speakers being sold for parts.

What finishes are available on the speakers?

The aesthetic finish of aspeaker cabinet is an important factor to consider when shopping for vintage speakers. One of the defining characteristics of each model is the finish that is used for the look of its exterior. Often, vintage AR speaker models display a wood finish. You can find the following wood finishes on AR speakers:

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Birchwood
  • Oak
  • Rosewood

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