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American Girl Angelina Ballerina Dolls

American Girl Angelina Ballerina Dolls

Angelina Ballerina is a mouse doll created after the childrens book series. She was produced by American Girl from the year 2001 until 2004.

What does the American Girl version of Angelina look like?

This little girl mouse is 10 inches tall with a white velour surface. Angelina is fully poseable, with arms and legs that can be moved 360 degrees, allowing her to be placed in different positions.

What was included in the original Angelina Ballerina package?

American Girl presented the Angelina doll wearing a pink tutu and ballet slippers. She also has a matching bow on her head. The slippers and bow are not removable. The package also included a hardback edition of the book “Angelina Ballerina,” written by Katharine Holabird.

How many outfits did American Girl release for Angelina Ballerina?

This American Girl doll has 10 additional sets of clothing to accompany her ballerina outfit.

  • Christmas coat: A blue wool coat with white trim, a matching scarf, and a hat set.
  • Princess outfit: A full yellow dress trimmed with green roses and ribbon. It also includes panties.
  • Skating outfit: A satin blue dress with tulle underskirt. It includes silver skates and a crown.
  • Invitation to the ballet: A multi-colored pastel robe with a long skirt and sparkly tiara.
  • Pajamas, two sets: White eyelet pajamas with ruffles and ruffled pink pajamas with rosettes.
  • Star of the show: A pink tutu with red trim and a flowered headband.
  • Gymnastics outfit: A long, blue and yellow dress with a chevron pattern and panties.
  • Camping set: A purple vest, tan shorts, scarf, and hiking boots.
  • Sunflower princess: A yellow and green ballerina costume. It includes a crown.
  • On stage: A pink tutu with rhinestones and wings. It includes a wand and crown.
Does the Angelina Ballerina line include other dolls?

The Angelina American Girl doll has three friends and relatives. The Alice doll is Angelina’s closest friend. She is the same size with brown hair. She wears a green dress and panties. Henry is Angelina’s cousin. He is seven inches tall and is beige. He wears a yellow vest and has a green costume with boots and a hat. Polly is Angelina’s baby sister. She is only five inches tall. Polly is light brown and wears a frilly outfit. She comes with a blue and gold pram.

What play sets are available for Angelina Ballerina?

American Girl produced several play sets for this doll including a stage with a piano. She also has gymnastics equipment, a camping tent, and a three-room cottage. Bedroom, parlor, and kitchen furniture are included in the cottage.

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