Annalee Dolls

Frequently Asked Questions About Annalee Dolls

Annalee dolls are felt-bodied dolls with painted faces crafted with themes ranging from clowns to animals. The very first dolls were sewn and hand painted by their original maker Barbra Annalee Davis. A number of models in different styles including vintage and contemporary can be found on eBay.

What sizes of Annalee dolls are available?

Christmas dolls were produced in sizes as small as 5 inches in height. Annalee dolls of this size were produced for very young girls who wanted a doll that they could easily handle. However, larger dolls from 8 to 17 inches in height are also available if you prefer a bigger size.

The largest Annalee dolls can reach up to 30 inches in height. Some of the large dolls are designed to mimic the look of a baby. Some Santa and Christmas dolls are also around this height and could be used to create a classic Christmas window display.

Which character families of dolls are available?

Annalee dolls come in a number of themes, called families by the company. Many are related to holidays. The families include:

  • Annalee Santa: The Santa characters produced by the brand were usually released a few weeks before Christmas and varied in their design every year. Characters in this family can include Nativity characters, Santa and Mrs. Claus, elves, and reindeer.
  • Annalee Halloween: These Annalee dolls were designed to enhance Halloween decor. Dolls include spiderweb elves, skeletons, witches, and spooky mice.
  • Annalee Mice: Each of the dolls in this line is a small mouse with human clothing and expressions. Each have their own personality suited to different situations. Some have Christmas clothes that make them easy to pair with Santa and other Christmas dolls. Mice are found in almost every seasonal collection as well.
  • Annalee Angels: The angels produced in this doll line were designed for Christmas and could go on a tree or around a home. They can be paired with Christmas dolls or displayed on their own.
  • Annalee Bunnies: Like the mouse dolls, these dolls were crafted with human clothing and expressions, each with a unique personality. Some offer an Easter theme.
  • Annalee Storybook: Characters from some storybooks like "The Wizard of Oz" can be found in the form of Annalee dolls.
What are Annalee dolls?

Annalee dolls were first produced by Annalee Thorndike and her husband Chip. Her dolls were inspired by her New Hampshire lifestyle and featured a variety of different styles. Some were designed as mice, some as girls, and others as Santa. The dolls were inspired by her sons and designed to look light and fun.

Annalee dolls were handmade before they became mass produced. When Annalee Thorndike started making her mouse dolls, more girls started to pay attention. She expanded her mouse line and created a variety of characters. Though Annalee dolls are no longer produced by Annalee herself, older handmade models are still available and can be found preowned on eBay.

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