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Applause Acoustic Guitars

In the acoustic-electric guitar world, finding a guitar that meets your needs can be a challenge. As an acoustic guitar player, you pluck away for hours on the strings of your guitar body. The advancement of the guitar brand industry has paved the way for you to find the acoustic guitar that is right for you.

Do Ovation Applause guitars come pre-stringed?

Ovation Applause guitars come pre-stringed with the Adamas Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge steel acoustic strings. With the added use of your Applause guitar, the parts will get worn down. It is important to change them out when you notice an unfavorable change in the quality and performance of your acoustic-electric guitar.

How do you put strings on Ovation Applause acoustic guitar?
  • Release the tension of each string until they are loose.
  • Using a string cutter, cut each string close to the bridge.
  • Take away the rounded end pieces from the bridge and unravel the leftover pieces from the pegs, then throw them away.
  • The back of the bridge has holes. Take a new guitar string and push it through. As you pull each string through the bridge, you are going to end with each rounded end tightly fitted into the saddle grooves.
  • Route each string over the nut and attach to the pegs for tuning.
Is the Ovation Applause Balladeer an acoustic or electric?

The Ovation Applause Balladeer is an acoustic-electric guitar. The electronic components include three-band equalization, exciter and compressor/limiter circuitry, and a tuner. Digitally modify the output of these components by moving and turning the associated knobs to their respective places.

Does the Ovation Applause Balladeer series have a preamp?

Yes. The Ovation Applause Balladeer series has its own built-in preamp. Ovation electronic preamps give users control over the sound the instrument is producing. The Applause digital preamp gives you control over how loud or how soft you want the instrument to sound. The preamp also offers tuning and equalization.

How do you adjust the volume and EQ?

Change the loudness and softness of your Applause guitar by turning the volume knob clockwise to raise the levels and counterclockwise to lower the volume. Adjust the low, mid, and high EQ of the guitar by moving the switch above the center to increase and shift below to lower.

What are Ovation Applause guitars made of?

The Ovation Applause guitar body consists of a solid spruce top, a mahogany or maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, pinless bridge, and chrome accents. The Ovation guitars have multiple components, including the headstock, tuning machine, nut, fret, fret marker inlay, and binding, as well as the neck/fingerboard, strap button, epaulet, sound hole, preamp, saddle/pickup, and bridge. Other parts of the Applause instrument include the bowl, sound board, and purfling.

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