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Deciding on the Right Apple 16GB iPad

The Apple 16GB iPad was first released in January 2010 and comes in a variety of models, sizes, and capabilities. All of these devices run on iOS and have the ability to download all kinds of apps to customize your user experience, whether you enjoy reading eBooks during your morning commute or watching movies saved onto your tablet while on an airplane.

What types of Apple iPads are there?

There are three main types of Apple iPad models, and each one features a different screen size depending on your needs:

  • iPad: The main model of the Apple iPad line features a 9.7-inch screen.
  • iPad Pro: This device is available in two screen sizes: 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch. It features a faster processor and better battery life compared to the other iPad models, and it is also equipped with Smart Keyboard capability.
  • iPad Mini: The smallest of the options, this model features a 7.9-inch screen size.
What is the difference between Wi-Fi-enabled and cellular-enabled devices?

An Apple device that is only Wi-Fi enabled means that you can only use the internet if you are in range of a wireless signal. A device that is both Wi-Fi and cellular enabled means that you can purchase a cellular plan for your iPad. A cellular plan allows you to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi as long as there is a cellular signal nearby.

What screen size should you get?

The 9.7-inch tablet is suitable for those who are using the tablet for everyday tasks, such as checking email, surfing the internet, streaming movies, and playing games. The 10.5-inch tablet provides some enhanced features and a slightly larger display, while the 12.9-inch screen size is an option for those who need to use the Apple Pencil, edit photos and videos, or take advantage of the iPad's multi-tasking features.

How much can a 16GB tablet hold?

A 16GB device is capable of holding up to 6,000 large pictures, 16 compressed movies, 3,200 mp3 audio files, or two DVD quality videos. The device can also hold any combination of these items that would max out its storage capacity.

How do you pair a Bluetooth device to your device?

To connect a Bluetooth-enabled device to your iPad in order to enhance its capabilities, follow the below steps:

  1. Turn on the device and make sure it is in pairing mode.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth from the Settings app on your tablet.
  3. Choose the device you are trying to connect to.
  4. Enter the PIN for the device if it asks for one.
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