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Replacing Your Apple iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen

For anyone who has damaged their iPhone 6 Plus screen from either deep scratches or having it badly cracked, screen replacement is a necessity but also a headache. The replacement of a screen can sometimes be costly especially for larger smartphones with bigger screens like the iPhone 6 Plus. Whether you need to repair or have a full replacement of the digitizer or LCD, it may be more cost effective to get the parts separately and repair them yourself.

What Is LCD, and Why Use It With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

  • Display. LCD, also known as liquid crystal display, uses either a passive or active matrix display grid. The active matrix is also known as a thin film transistor display, and has a transistor at every pixel intersection, which needs less current controlling the pixel light. A passive matrix has a grid of conductors with pixels at each intersection and a current travels along two conductors on the grid to control the pixel light. An active matrix display has more refresh time with clearer and crisper technology.
  • Size. With the use of LCD, it allows the displays to be much thinner than other types of displays. Particularly, with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, one of the upgrades of this design was how thin the phone and display were. 
  • Image. The LCD is what creates the images on your iPhone. The LCD behind the digitizer, which protects it.

How Does a Digitizer Work?

Specifically, a digitizer converts analog signals into digital signals of your Apple iPhone. It interprets all of your actions from swiping to pressing into digital signals that the iPhone understands. The information that comes from the digitizer transfers through a digitizer flex cable to an LCD. Whether you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, there are specific digitizer to fit your phone and for proper screen replacement. You can obtain an individual screen or a pack that has multiple digitizers for whenever you need to repair your phone or help with the replacement of another phone. Repair kits come with all the necessary tools and equipment necessary to perform a screen replacement.

What Other iPhone 6 Plus Screen Accessories Are Available?

  • Screen Protectors. These inexpensive adhesive sheets go onto the iPhone screen to reduce the need for screen replacement. 
  • Cases. There are many types of cases that have a built-in plastic covering that goes over the screen. Like the screen protector sheets this covering protects your iPhone screen avoiding the need for repair and replacement if dropped. 

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