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Work and Play With an Apple iPad

Since the tablet's introduction in 2010, Apple has sold millions of iPads to consumers around the world. The device incorporates a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard, which can help users perform a variety of functions such as capturing videos, taking photos, listening to music, and playing games. Some Apple iPad models also allow cellular connectivity and GPS navigation.

What are the different types of Apple iPad models?

The iPad models are classified into four distinct categories: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Here is an overview of each model:

  • iPad: The standard model comes with all the basic features and functions that made Apple famous. The earlier generations used a 9.7-inch screen that was changed to 10.2 inches in the 7th generation.
  • iPad Mini: As the name suggests, this is a pocket-size model featuring 7.9-inch display. Despite its small size, the technical features and performance are somewhat similar to the iPad. However, the processor may lack the performance of the standard iPad because the iPad Mini is designed for portability instead of power.
  • iPad Air: This is the high-tech model of the standard Apple iPad. It comes with all the bells and whistles of Apple gadgets such as smart connector, ProMotion display, and face recognition.
  • iPad Pro: Distinguished by its 11-inch and 12.9-inch displays, it's the biggest design overhaul since the launch of the Apple iPad. There may not be another tablet in the market that can compete with the power of iPad Pro.
Which iPad should you use?

While selecting an iPad will certainly depend on your individual requirement, every model has its advantages. For instance, the Apple iPad is best for budget-conscious users. In contrast, anyone looking for a smaller and portable device should opt for the iPad Mini because this 64GB tablet has enough storage to match standard iPad designs. Similarly, the iPad Air and iPad Pro will likely suit consumers looking to use all the tech gadgets that Apple has to offer. In fact, the Apple iPad Pro also offers a 512GB tablet.

What are popular Apple iPad colors?

Apple has traditionally used white and black tablets. In recent years, rose-gold tablets, silver, and space-gray have also gained prominence. If you can't decide on a color, just close your eyes and go with your gut instinct - after all, Apple has already done the research work for you.

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