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Arbonne Protein Shakes Buyer's Guide

Arbonne offers a line of nutrition products through their Arbonne Essentials brand, which includes protein shakes. The company's protein shakes are vegan products that contain plant protein rather than protein from animal sources like whey. You can find a selection of new Arbonne shakes and other nutrition products for sale on eBay.

Features and ingredients of Arbonne shakes

Arbonne lists detailed ingredient and nutritional information on their website. Below are the general highlights for their protein shake products.

  • Non-GMO: Arbonne selects ingredients that are not derived from genetically modified organisms.
  • Low sugar: Their protein shakes also minimize the amount of added sugar to ensure that the calorie content is primarily protein.
  • Vegan: Arbonne uses only plant-based ingredients to ensure their products are an acceptable addition to a vegan diet.
  • Flavors: Arbonne shakes are available in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and chai.
  • Supplemental vitamins: Arbonne also includes over 20 essential vitamins in their protein shakes. This makes them suitable as meal substitutes for a weight-loss plan.

Arbonne uses cane sugar to sweeten their protein shakes and avoids adding artificial ingredients like sweeteners.

Does Arbonne offer liquid shakes or just powder mixes?

Arbonne offers dietary supplements that can be mixed in water like powdered shake mixes. They sell both individual serving packets that can be used to make a single shake meal and bulk packaged mixes that contain as many as 30 servings.

Are Arbonne shakes only intended for weight-loss programs?

While Arbonne does design their protein shakes to serve as a health and safe way to replace meals as part of a weight-loss plan, you can consume their products for other purposes like increasing your overall protein intake for an athletic training or vegan diet.

What are the sources of protein in Arbonne shakes?

Arbonne uses plant protein in their protein shakes that's carefully screened for GMOs. These plants include peas, cranberries, rice, and flax seed. Note however, that the exact ingredients can vary from one product to the next. Check the nutritional information before making a purchase if the exact ingredients are important to know.