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Arctic Cat Snowmobile Covers

There’s nothing quite like exploring the frozen landscape of winter. While snow hikes are fun, those who like to ride in the fast lane of life tend to favor snowmobiles. If you want to keep your adventures looking great for years, shield your snowmobile from harsh winter weather with a durable covering, such as those offered by Arctic Cat.

What are Arctic Cat snowmobile seat covers?

Just like covers for automobiles, an Arctic Cat seat cover forms a protective barrier between your snowmobile and the outdoor elements. Covers are available in different sizes and materials to fit a variety of makes and models. Once installed, exterior parts, such as the seat, windshield, and handlebars, are protected against damaging winter weather.

What materials are Arctic Cat seat covers made of?
  • Canvas - This durable fabric not only protects seats against weather, such as snow and rain, but its unique material prevents ultraviolet ray damage from cracking or warping seat material. Arctic Cat canvas seat covers are specially treated to increase protective abilities and longevity.
  • Polyester - Arctic Cat polyester fabric features a fade-resistant coating and ultraviolet protection for continued protection regardless of the weather. Its water-repellent surface prevents moisture from damaging seats, while its durable design offers above-average outdoor storage protection.
  • Sur Last fabric - Arctic Cat is one of only a few manufacturers who use the protective power of Sur Last. This seat cover is a solution dyed polyester blend, which is mildew and mold-resistant and is among the most durable fabrics on the market. Originally developed for boats, its protective qualities safeguard vehicles of all types better than most traditional cover materials.
How do you buy a seat cover that fits?

To ensure the best fit, measure from the very front of the sled to the very back. Make sure to measure up over the windshield and handlebars for the most accurate reading.

What features and accessories should you look for in a cover?
  • Cinching straps - Keeps the seat cover in place during high winds or when trailering the sled.
  • Adjustable front fasteners - Maintains a snug fit around the front part of the snowmobile and around the sides of the seat, which ensures debris doesn’t get blown under the cover.
  • Adjustable windshield strap - While considered a premium feature, its fit protects factory and upgraded parts.
  • Gas cap access - Part of the seat cover should feature a zippered panel near the gas cap for easy filling.
  • Water-repellent fabric - Whether it’s snow during the winter or rain during the spring, if you’re storing your sled outdoors, then the cover needs to repel moisture. This is essential in areas with heavy rainfall to prevent damaging electronic parts or ruining seat materials.
  • Trailerable - If you’re planning to relocate the vehicle on a trailer, it’s imperative the seat cover can withstand wind speeds while being moved. Most Arctic Cat seat covers come with specialized parts designed to secure fabric during transport.