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Baby Bath Tubs

Running a baby bath is a great way to make sure a little one is cleaned up. Since they can't go into a traditional bath tub until they're much larger, it's important to have a baby bathtub. Bath time can be a lot of fun when you have the right baby bath tub.

What size bathtub is needed?

The size of the bath tub you need is dependent on the size of the baby. A newborn is going to need a tub that is much smaller than what you would need for a nine-month-old. You will need to review what's available.

  • Newborn tub: A newborn tub is designed to provide additional cushions for a small baby.
  • Infant tub: Infant tubs can often be used until the baby reaches one year.
  • Toddler tub: Toddler tubs are often used inside of a regular one until they are two or three.
  • Supports: You can buy supports that will allow you to get one bath and use it as the child grows.
Does the baby bathtub go inside a standard bathtub?

The baby bath tub might be freestanding or go inside of a standard bathtub. It will depend on the model. You will want to look at where your nearest water source is.

  • Freestanding: These are designed to set on the counter for being able to give a preemie or infant a sponge bath.
  • Sink: You can place a sling inside the bath.
  • Tub: There are inflatable and regular baths that will fit inside of a tub.
What are some of the features in a baby bathtub?

When you shop for a baby bath tub, it's important to look at what it comes with. You might find a lot of features that can make bath time a lot more exciting.

  • Bubbling spa: Some baby tubs have a bubbling feature.
  • Toys: Many will come with toys for the child to play with.
  • Sling: Slings help to provide additional support, especially for a newborn.
  • Temperature gage: A baby bath should not be hotter than 100 F. A gage will tell you if it's too hot.
How do you shop for a bath tub?

When you want to give a baby a bath, you want to have the right bathtub. This means being sure you have everything needed to have water nearby. Afterwards, you can wrap your baby in a towel, knowing that you have a clean child.

  • Brand: Fisher-Price, Munchkin, First Years, and other brands are available.
  • Age: Review the age of the baby and what the baby tub allows.
  • Features: Explore the features included in the bath.
  • Sets: You can find sets that include not only the bathtub, but also a diaper changing area.