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Give Weak Camcorders More Juice Using EN-EL15 Camcorder Batteries or New Batteries

When an EN EL15 rechargeable li-on battery needs more power, you can recharge the cells by using an EN EL15 camcorder battery charger. This charger is manufactured in many configurations, so you can easily select an option that suits your hobbies or habits. Besides chargers, youll also find a variety of batteries for these chargers on eBay.

What charging technology is used to make the compatible batteries?

Lithium-ion is the rechargeable technology and is included with all EN-EL15 camcorder batteries. Within a lithium-ion battery, there are ions that travel around a negative electrode to positive electrode. This process happens when discharges occur and during charging routines.

What are the EN-EL15 charger design options?

Many EN-EL15 battery chargers are designed with a base that has ports for battery hardware. The main design options are:

  • A wall-mounting charger with one charging port - This charger mounts in a wall outlet. When a battery is docked in the port, it wont slide out of place easily because the housing has a deep dock well.
  • A wall-mounting charger with two charging ports - A wall-mounting charging unit with two ports has docking spots for two batteries. Most brands design this type of charger with bonus pieces that convert the main power source. If a product has two power modification accessories, you can power the base by connecting it to an outlet in a house or lighter in a vehicle.
  • A flat charger with duel ports - A flat charger with two docking ports is a compact option. You can charge two batteries in this unit by propping them in place.
What features are included with EN-EL15 camcorder battery chargers?

Most camcorder battery chargers only have one beneficial design feature, which is a lighted indicator panel. This panel is typically featured on the upper corner of a battery housing. When a battery is charging, the indicator lights up. At the end of the charging process, the light turns green.

What are technical functions for lithium-ion chargers?

All lithium-ion battery chargers are designed with hardware that strategically manages ion energy. Thanks to the ion energy, a lithium-ion battery cant overcharge when its docked in a charger for many hours. Also, technical problems never happen because a chargers currents shut off after a lithium-battery is completed charged.

After a charger terminates electrical currents, the voltage levels within a battery drop. This process is highly beneficial, as it reduces voltage stress inside a battery cell. During most charging situations, the circuit voltage will decrease and settle within a 3.70-volt to 3.90-volt range.

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