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The Best Mixes Come From Behringer Digital Live Mixers

When you're a producer, you want equipment that gives you the best-sounding recording or live performance possible. Having something that can be easily organized and can produce high-quality sounds and mixes are essential in doing that job. With Behringer digital mixers, you'll find all of these qualities and more.

What are the main features of mixers?

You'll find a number of different features that make Behringer digital mixers easy to use in any setting possible. These features include:

  • 32-channel audio interface
  • Motorized faders
  • Built-in mic preamps
  • A remote control

All of these factors make the console a desirable product for all producers and sound engineers in the industry. They also come with a miniature screen that can be found in the top right-hand corner that shows different features of the performance, such as sound waves and plug-ins used during the session. The mixer also comes with XLR inputs so that important equipment such as microphones can be plugged directly into the mixer for maximum sound quality and convenience for mixing purposes.

Where can you use mixers?

If you have a band or an artist where there is a lot of instrumentation involved, it's important to have a mixer that can organize all of the channels that contain the direct line of the instruments as well as the effects used for the performance. This applies to both the live and studio setting.

What Behringer mixer models are available?

You can find a number of different digital mixers produced by Behringer over the years on eBay. Their most popular model, however, is the Behringer XENYX. The XENXY is a smaller mixer that offers four channels along with two stereo channels and a three-band equalizer. Other models such as the Behringer X32 Compact are much larger. This model includes a digital interface, a 40-input digital mixer, and has 16 programmable mic preamps in addition to the 17 motorized faders and color-coded buttons. It is considered one of the more advanced mixers in the live sound production industry. With all of the featured plug-ins and channels, it makes for an easier mixing experience with multiple ways to organize the different sounds and faders via different colors.

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