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Do I Need a Super 8 Movie Projector?

Movie projectors are optomechanical entertainment devices that use a light and shutter system to project motion picture film onto a screen. Before the prominence of digital video cameras, movie film was displayed using a two-reel projector system. In a movie projector theater, the projection illuminates via a lamp house and bulb. The autoload images reconstruct and display using a film gate with a rotating shutter. One of the most popular formats used in old movie theaters was 8mm, with the most popular variation being Super 8 film. In fact, Super 8 formatting is still in use in places like LUMINA film school.

What is a Super 8 Movie Projector?

A Super 8 projector is specifically for Super 8 reel, allowing the filmer to shoot higher frame rates and use additional filming features. Three of the most important aspects of a Super 8 projector are:

  • Super 8 Format: The Super 8 format was first used in 1965 after it replaced regular 8mm film. The biggest difference between regular 8mm film and Super 8 film is that the latter used a smaller sprocket perforation along the principal slide edge. This simple formatting feature greatly increases the exposed area available for filming.
  • Frame Rate: Because of developments in Super 8 movie projectors, these devices were able to record between 18 and 24 frames per second.
  • Opto-Mechanical Display: When loaded with the reel, Super 8 projectors use a conventional autoload lens system to redirect bulb light across the gate.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Super 8 Movie Projector?

Even though digital video cameras and theater-grade projectors are available to consumers, there is something truly unique about owning and maintaining a working movie projector. Some of the more memorable benefits of owning a Super 8 projector are:

  • Super 8 Usage: You will never have to think about consigning Super 8 content to the closet box again. After you have set up an appropriate viewing screen, you can experience Super 8 content the way it was originally intended to be displayed.
  • Vintage Collector's Item: Whether you're a collector of passion or quality, there's no denying the emotional and financial value of vintage film devices like the Super 8 movie camera.
  • Filmic History: If you're a fan of film history, you'll understand the impact that Super 8 format had in the amateur film community. Owning a Super 8 camera gives you the chance to look back on the development of 8mm filming. One of the most accessible Super 8 movie projectors is the Filmosonic Bell Howell camera.