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Birkenstock Women's Leather Sandals

The Birkenstock shoe brand has been crafting footwear since the mid-1700s. They offer sandals for both men and women, along with shoe accessories like socks and footbeds. Birkenstock women's leather sandals have options like thongs, one-strap, multi-strap, wedges, and water-friendly.

What are the features of the women's Arizona sandal?

The Birkenstock Arizona is a slide sandal and comes with two straps.

  • Straps: These classic Arizona Birkenstock sandals feature two thick bands that stretch over the foot and can be adjusted using the two metal buckles on the sandals. The upper shoe of Arizona sandals may be made of a variety of materials depending on the shoe, including nubuck leather, suede, genuine leather, EVA, and synthetic leather.
  • Footbed: Birkenstock Arizona women's sandals incorporate the traditional suede-lined cork footbed that is contoured to cup the heels and provide arch support. The Arizona footbed also contains EVA for extra cushioning and impact absorption.
How do you clean Birkenstock leather sandals?

If your Birkenstock leather sandals become dirty, clean them gently to restore their newer look and protect the leather. In general, keep Birkenstocks away from extreme heat and long periods of sunlight. To clean nubuck and suede leather, brush the dirt away from the shoes with a suede brush. For smoother leathers and synthetic upper shoes, use a damp cloth to rub away stains and dirt. Let all Birkenstock shoes air dry in a shaded spot.

What is Birkibuc material?

Birkibuc is commonly used on many women's sandals at Birkenstock. It is a soft and easy-to-break-in synthetic material that is designed to resemble nubuck leather. This Birkenstock material is also easy to clean, as it is not as sensitive to water as genuine suede and nubuck, and it can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

How do you choose the right size women's sandal?

Birkenstock women's sandals are made in Germany and therefore are listed in European sizes. To convert to American sizing, add 31 to the American women's size you typically wear. Birkenstocks also offer their footbeds in a narrow width for those with narrower feet. Your feet should fit snugly into the footbed without the tips of your feet hitting the edge of the footbed.

What styles of sandal straps does Birkenstock have?
  • Toe: Some Birkenstock women's sandals have a band that fits securely around the big toe, providing a more snug fit.
  • Thong: This more traditional Birkenstock sandal has a strap that resembles a flip flop, running along the top of your foot.
  • Heel: Some Birkenstock women's leather sandal varieties have a band that extends around the back of the shoe to facilitate in keeping the sandals securely on the foot.
  • Strap Number: The strap design varies from one large band to a variety of three or four intertwined bands that run along the top of the foot.