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Get Perfect Cinematic Shots Using Blackmagic Design Camcorders

Blackmagic Design has been manufacturing digital camcorders for professional cinematic use since 2001. The company offers a wide range of cameras to fit professional, amateur, and personal videography needs. You can find a new or used device that meets your needs or suits your style on eBay.

What features do these camcorders have?

eBay can help you refine your search and display items that include a list of features that meet your criteria. Some common features you can find on these devices include:

  • LCD touchscreen - Many of these movie cameras feature a touchscreen with a liquid crystal display. You can use the screen to interface with the device directly and send it commands.
  • Microphone - Some models include a built-in microphone that will capture audio while the camera is recording video.
  • Time lapse - You may wish to purchase a video camera that include a time lapse feature. This will allow you to produce segments in which time moves in a non-standard fashion.
What types of video cameras can you get?

Blackmagic produces different types of cameras to meet a variety of needs. Knowing what types are available on eBay can help you find one that meets your needs. The most common ones you will find are:

  • Action - You can mount action cameras on a helmet or attach them to your person to capture shots while you are in motion.
  • Pocket - These cameras are smaller than standard devices and may be easier for you to transport. You can see the manufacturers site for specific details on model sizing.
  • Professional - Professional-grade cinema cameras may feature extra options such as CFast flash sensors, dynamic range processing, or ProRes video compression technology.
What storage types can you choose?

Digital camcorders use two common types of storage to retain media files:

  • Internal - Internal storage has a set limit that a manufacturer may measure in megabytes or gigabytes. This storage type is a permanent part of the device.
  • External - External storage devices may come in forms such as cards or discs that you can insert into the camcorder. You may wish to use them to expand the internal space of your device.
Can you choose a recording definition?

You can purchase camcorders in one or more of the following recording definitions:

  • 10-bit HD up to 1080p
  • Standard definition below 720p
  • Ultra-high definition over 1080p
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