Bowling Bags

Bowling Bags

Whether you head out to the bowling lanes multiple times a week or just once in a while, you might want to bring along your own gear. Bowling bags are great for holding your favorite ball(s) and any other equipment you might need. Whether youre bringing just one ball with you for bowling or are looking for a 4-ball roller, youll see that all of the bowling bags have been designed to be highly portable.

Is this bowling bag easy to carry?

Bags for bowling will have strong, sturdy handles and/or a shoulder strap. This lets you quickly grab a bag or tote to move it short distances. You can use the longer strap, which is normally padded, if you have to walk longer distances with your ball. You can adjust things to be the right lengths for comfort, which helps when youre carrying more than one ball in a double tote or triple tote. Duffels and rollers could also have something else to grab onto at the top. Rollers will have a pair of wheels at their base along with a soft or hard, retractable handle that you can use to pull them along. You can use single rollers, double rollers, triple rollers, or 4-ball rollers for bowling equipment.

How many balls can a bowling bag hold?

Your choices for size are the following:

  • One: A single tote would be ideal for someone who just wants to practice with a particular ball. A bag with just the basics is perfect for some bowlers.
  • Two: You can find double tote bags (like the Storm Rolling Thunder) and backpacks capable of carrying two bowling balls.
  • Three or more: When youre transporting multiple balls, you can get something larger to hold all of your bowling equipment. These generally come with heavy duty rollers so you dont have to hold all of the weight from the balls.
Do bags have additional pockets for storage?

Larger pieces like triple and 4-ball rollers have many storage spaces. Even single and double bags have them, too. Its a good idea to find a bowling bag with a shoe pocket large enough to fit your bowling shoes. For example, the Hammer 2 Ball Deluxe Tote bowling bag can fit up to a size 15 while the New Ebonite Black Escort Single Bowling Bag can only hold up to a size 10. A pouch on a bowling bag may be completely enclosed or have a mesh covering for breathability.

Smaller pockets are good for things like bowling gloves, wrist supports, grip tape, and anything else youd need. You can also keep your keys, phone, or water stashed safely while you go bowling. Velcro, zippers, or snaps may be used to close everything up.

Which brands make bowling bags?

Several different brands make bowling bags, and they include the following:

  • Elite
  • Brunswick
  • Track
  • Vise
  • Hammer
  • Tenth Frame