British Knights

British Knights

British Knights was founded in New York City in 1983 by a small, family-owned shoe company named "Jack Schwartz Shoes." In 1986, the company released the first models of British Knights sneakers that were made to be "funky fresh" and to compete with the bigger shoe companies. The company makes a wide variety of athletic shoes and other clothing items.

What types of sneakers does British Knights offer?

British Knights makes a large variety of fashion lines of sneakers. Each line is available in low-, mid-, and high-top shoes. Here are a few examples:

  • Quilts: One of the lines of sneakers from British Knights is the Quilts line, which is constructed of thick, quilted fabric in a fashionable diamond pattern. They are available in plain white, black, or in vivid combinations of colors to suit different outfits.
  • Impact: The Impact line of shoes has a geometric style with the British Knights logo incorporated into the sides of the shoe.
  • Rush: The Rush line of sneakers features a fluid, lightweight design that looks as if the shoes are constructed from one piece of fabric.
  • Control: Controls are a heavy line of shoes with thick soles and bold patterns of varying fabrics stitched atop one another. They are meant to convey a feeling of power.
What aspects can be considered when purchasing British Knights sneakers?

There are a few things for you to keep in mind when you purchase a pair of British Knights shoes. They include the following:

  • Size: As with any other shoe purchase, you should always make sure the pair of sneakers you are ordering is the correct size for you.
  • Style: You should select a line that appeals to you and suits your needs. There are a wide variety of sneakers available from British Knights, so you have many shoes from which to choose.
  • Color: British Knights sneakers are available in a wide variety of colors and color combinations. You can find them in plain black or white to go with a particular outfit or uniform, or you can find them in color combinations ranging from muted to flashy to suit different areas of a wardrobe.
  • Material: You can find British Knights shoes in a variety of different materials and combinations of fabrics. The brand makes sneakers with polyester mesh windows on the sides to allow your feet to breathe or shoes constructed of thick, sturdy leather to provide strength and stability.