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CHANEL Headband and Hair Accessories for Women

For women, a hair accessory like a bow or headband can be the finishing touch to an outfit. From the office to dinner on the weekend, a hair accessory can be an easy way to complete a look. Since 1909, CHANEL has been producing clothing, handbags, and miscellaneous accessories for women.

What materials does CHANEL use for hair pieces?

Choosing the right material is important for your hairstyle and comfort. CHANEL headband and hair accessories for women come in a large variety of different materials. Some of the most common hair products include:

  • tweed
  • plastic
  • velvet
  • satin
  • elastic
What kind of styles are available?

CHANEL offers a large number of styles for their line of headbands. There are ones with a bow, ones with sequins, elastic ones with text, and ones made completely out of beads. To consider which is right for you, determine if you are purchasing a headband for a special occasion or for every day.

Are CHANEL headband hair accessories available in different sizes?

CHANEL headbands for women are made in one size only. Since this type of hair accessory is meant to stretch over your head and stay in place, size should not be a concern. Most have a plastic base that will stretch over your head and form to the perfect size for you. Others that are elastic will work in the same way, staying on your head once placed.

How do you choose the right style of headband?

With so many options available to choose from, deciding which hair accessory is right for you can become overwhelming. Narrowing down what the purpose is for your hair accessory can make your purchasing decision a little easier. Follow these simple steps to determine which headband you should purchase.

  • Determine your purpose: Is this for everyday wear? Do you want something neutral that will work with multiple outfits? Or is it for a special occasion like a wedding, where you may need some sparkles or beading?
  • Decide your material: Think of the materials you already own and what you like about them. Do you like tweed, terry, satin, etc.?
  • Compare simple and intricate designs: Does something more on the simpler side, like just a bow, or a solid color interest you? Or do you like your pieces to be intricate and with a lot of detail? If the latter, one with sequins or lots of beading may be a better choice.