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CND Gel and Shellac Polish

CND gel and shellac nail polish come in four different types. Each type varies in wear time and the colors available. Different shades and finishes mean appeal for a wide variety of aesthetic tastes and preferences.

Which types of CND nail color coatings are available?

CND makes SHELLAC brand, VINYLUX Weekly polish, Creative Play Nail Lacquer, and Creative Play Gel nail polish.

What features do the nail color coatings have?
  • SHELLAC brand: This nail polish offers matte, glitter, and pearl top coats to help nail polish gleam any of three ways. Polish removes gently and without fill-ins to leave nails strong and healthy. The color lasts at least 14 days without any chipping or damage. The SHELLAC kit features a base coat, color coat, top coat, and LED lamp for drying to seal everything in and to harden the nail polish appropriately. There are more than one hundred shades of SHELLAC polish available.
  • VINYLUX: This weekly polish features seven-day, chip-resistant wear and fast-drying two-step application. The shine lasts on its own, and durability is increased even longer with exposure to natural light. This polish offers the opportunity for weekly changes as opposed to every two weeks for individuals who prefer a more regular schedule of polish changes. There are more than one hundred shades available in this type of nail polish as well. The shades match those available in the SHELLAC gel polish. VINYLUX Weekly polish affords different nail art options like stripes, polka dots, images, and more.
  • Creative Play Nail Lacquer: This nail lacquer offers more creative, atypical nail gel polish shades like bold hues, blacks, and neons. More than 100 vibrant colors and 11 different finishes mean lots of different options for mixing and matching polishes. An advanced applicator brush was designed for this gel polish with more than 400 bristle ends for precision and smoothness. There are several different collections within the Creative Play line, one of which is Wonderball. This nail polish collection features different glittery shades. Sparkles, sheen, stars, matte, and gloss are just a few of the other finishes available.
  • Creative Play Gel: This nail polish comes in more than 65 different shades and lasts for at least two weeks. The application takes place in three simple steps: base coat, color coat twice, and top coat. The nail polish was formulated with micronized pigments that help it last for the full two weeks without chipping or incurring any damage. Finishes are available in many of the same styles as Creative Play nail lacquer, including sparkles, shine, matte, gloss, and glitter.
How do you care for CND gel and shellac manicures?

Although gel and shellac nail polishes are designed to last a full two weeks on their own, taking care to avoid especially hot water can help lengthen their wear even further. Utilize rubber gloves to protect nails when washing dishes or doing laundry. Consider protective gloves when using abrasive cleaning agents in the home or at work. Lastly, ensure that the nail polish to dries completely before completing any tasks that require water or the use of the fingers.

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