Cables and Adapter for Panasonic Camera

What to Consider When Searching for Panasonic A/V Cables and Adapters

A/V cables and adapters can help you connect your camera to another device for playback of the videos or images you capture. Panasonic makes these cables and adapters in a range of types, including HDMI cables, multi-connection cables, and D-tap cables.

What are the different types of A/V connectors to select?
  • Composite/RCA: These are cables that can be connected to a variety of devices for the playing of audio. When connected to a camera on one end, they can be connected to a television set or computer monitor on the other end.
  • HDMI: This is a type of cable that can feed high-definition audio and video from your camera or camcorder to another device, such as your high-definition television set.
  • Component: These are used for standard-definition connections. They come with three colored wires on one end, which are usually white, red, and yellow. The red and white wires are used for audio, and the yellow wire is used for video.
  • S-video: This is a cable that is specifically designed to send standard-definition video from one device to another. The standard definition resolutions used with these cables typically include 480i and 576i resolutions.
How do you select a Panasonic A/V cable or adapter?

With the numerous options available, consider some of these guidelines before choosing an A/V cable or adapter for your camera.

  • Select a cable length: These cables range in length from a couple of feet to around 15 feet in length.
  • Select a type of A/V connection: The numerous A/V connection types that you can choose from include S-video, component, and HDMI connections.
  • Select a compatible series: Make sure that the cord you choose is compatible with the series of camera that you have.
How do you maintain your Panasonic cables?

To keep your cables in good condition over a long period of time, there are several steps that you can take. Placing some clear vinyl tubing around the cords can keep them from fraying and protect them from pets and other issues. These cords can also be encased in spiral wrap or heat shrink tubing for protection.

Keep your cables organized so that they do not get tangled up. White and color labels can be wrapped around each individual cord as a means of labeling them, which should help you to identify them more readily. You can also tie certain cords together to avoid tangled cords and similar issues. If a cord becomes unplugged on one end, this should also help you find the one that has become loose.

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