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Compact, point-and-shoot, action cameras are ideal for a variety of occasions, adventures, and capturing underwater memories. Even if the equipment is tough, the camera needs protection when not in use. GoPro users can invest in a durable, weather-resistant camera case available on eBay to protect against a variety of conditions including accidental drops, submersion, and dirt.

What does a semi-rigid GoPro case protect against?

A semi-rigid camera case is designed using a hard exterior and soft interior with a zipper closure. The soft padding in the interior is designed to protect against scratches and breakage during storage or transportation. The hard exterior helps prevent damage from accidental crushing and accidental drops. The overall design of the GoPro case is made to repel water, snow, and light rain. A plastic, zipper closure is designed to prevent water, dust, dirt, and other debris from getting inside the case when its not being used.

Can GoPro camera cases protect accessories too?

Most GoPro accessories come with pouches or means of protection for accessories. There are also camera cases available to store the device and its accessories in the same unit, which makes it easier to store, use, and track all the accessories. GoPro camera cases that feature room for accessories can come with specialized dividers that allow for customizable storage so you can determine how to organize accessories. Many of these cases also feature a removable pouch, which is ideal for battery, screw, and SD storage. The pouch can be kept separate from the case if desired. The pouches can store the specialized equipment and be placed in the accessory carrying case too.

Are semi-rigid GoPro cases waterproof?

Most GoPro cases are made with the material neoprene. The neoprene outer shell of GoPro camera cases helps repel water naturally. The zipper on the exterior of the case also helps keep out moisture and dirt and is usually plastic, which is designed to be rust-resistant, and will help the case open and close smoothly.

What types of weather-resistant cases for GoPro can you purchase?

There are many GoPro camera case options available on eBay. Cases can be purchased to store a single action camera, action camera accessories, or the camera and its accessories. GoPro also creates a series of camera cases that are designed to be used for specific adventures. The types of cases available on eBay may include:

  • Sport kits
  • Travel kits
  • Outdoor kits
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