Replace the Lens On Your Cell Phone's Camera for Enhanced Photography

People often use their cell phone as a means of taking pictures. Although digital cameras are still prevalent, many people do not feel the need to purchase a separate camera when their cell phone is capable of taking crisp, clear pictures. However, damage to the lens of your cell phone's camera will need immediate attention if you wish to continue capturing all those beautiful moments and scenery.

How does the Samsung S5 indicate its lens is broken?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is capable of taking vivid pictures with clear detail thanks to a 16MP rear-facing camera. However, if you notice that your pictures are not up to par, it could indicate a problem with the lens. Signs that your smartphone needs a replacement include

  • Visible signs of damage, such as a crack or chip in the glass lens.
  • Issues taking a photo, which can include blurry images or a black screen when you open the camera app.
  • Streaks of light that do not seem to go away no matter the lighting that surrounds your subject.
What can create damage to the Samsung camera lens?

The lens on your Sony camera can stop working properly for a number of reasons. Some of the most common causes of damage include:

  • Dropping the phone and cracking the glass.
  • Water that manages to find a way under the glass.
  • Parts malfunction that damages the glass.
How do you replace the camera lens?

To replace the lens on your Samsung Galaxy S5, you will need to do the following:

  • Prep and clean your work area so the smartphone does not pick up dust or debris, and begin disassembling the phone.
  • Using tweezers, remove the silver ring that surrounds the camera part, and do not worry about scratches or scuffs since you are throwing it away.
  • Scrape off the foam-like adhesive that you find under the ring, and clean the area well.
  • Place the replacement lens in the camera, ensuring proper alignment and a secure fit before reassembling your phone.
How do you improve the camera in your phone?

If you wish to improve the look of a photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can do so by getting a kit. Kits offer various attachments you can use with your phone to improve picture quality. You can opt for a Sony kit, which offers improved zoom. Sony released the QX line to work with IOS and Android-powered cell phones so picture-takers could up their game. The Sony QX30 provides the following features:

  • The Sony QX30 offers 20.4 megapixels, which is an upgrade from the phone's standard 16-megapixel build.
  • With the Sony kit, you can enjoy an optical zoom of up to 30x.
  • When you use the Sony attachment, you can enjoy a range of 24 to 720mm.
  • Sony uses improved image stabilization thanks to its additional Optical SteadyShot enhancement, which further decreases blurred lines from shaky hands when taking photos.

See the manufacturer site for details.

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