Camera Memory Stick PRO Duo USB Reader

Overview Guide to USB Readers for Memory Stick PRO Duo

Memory Sticks are a line of data devices that were developed by Sony in the early 2000s. These memory cards are used in a variety of devices made by the brand, and the company made a few different types of memory sticks. Search through this collection of PRO Duo USB readers to find an adapter that suits your purposes.

What is a PRO Duo memory card?

The PRO Duo is a type or memory card that was made in the late 2000s. These memory cards can hold between 512 megabytes and 32 gigabytes, and they were standard for cameras made by this brand for a few years. These memory cards were faster than any other type of memory card made by the company at the time and are only compatible with cameras made by Sony.

If you plan on taking a lot of pictures, you can keep a few PRO Duo cards on hand and bring along a laptop. When your memory card fills up, you can download your photos onto your laptop with one of the USB connectors in this collection.

What types of readers are offered for these memory cards?

A variety of different adapters are offered for PRO Duo memory cards, and each type of adapter is designed for a particular application. Familiarize yourself with the following options to make sure that you make an informed decision:

  • Universal USB adapters: These adapters can read data from many different types of memory cards. If you have multiple types of memory cards that are in frequent use, you may want to consider this type of adapter. These adapters are the same size as a USB drive, so they can be transported in your pocket or backpack.
  • Dedicated USB adapters: These types of adapters only read PRO Duo memory cards. They are often somewhat larger than universal adapters, but they are still designed to be small enough to fit in a pocket. Most of these devices can also write content onto a PRO Duo card.
  • USB hubs: These large adapters have an external power supply. They are designed to be placed on top of a desk, and they have slots for many different types of memory cards.
How do you connect these readers to a computer?

Follow these steps to read and write the content of a PRO Duo memory card on a laptop or desktop computer:

  • First: Insert your memory card into your adapter and connect your adapter to your computer.
  • Next: Boot up your computer and access your file explorer program.
  • Then: Select your memory card adapter in the sidebar and read or write the content of the memory card.
  • Finally: Eject the memory card adapter when youre done.
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