Camera Memory Stick Pro Duo Card Adapters

Buying Guide for Camera Memory Stick PRO Duo Adapters

Memory Sticks are a type of memory card made by Sony. These memory cards are only compatible with cameras made by this brand, and they range widely in terms of storage capacity. To find a device that is designed to make these memory sticks usable by other cameras, check out the options in this collection.

What is a Memory Stick PRO Duo?

This memory card was first made by Sony in the mid-2000s. At the time, it was one of the smallest memory cards ever made, and the original version was capable of storing 512 MB. Over time, the maximum capacity of the PRO Duo Memory Stick line expanded up to 64 GB, and these sticks are used in a variety of cameras made by this brand.

PRO Duo cards have a distinctive curve at one end, and they are significantly smaller than the original Memory Stick.

What types of adapters are offered?

A variety of different types of adapters are made for this memory device. These adapters are used to make these storage sticks compatible with other memory units. A few of the options offered include the following:

  • MicroSD to Memory Stick PRO Duo: These adapters are designed to make it possible to use microSD units in devices that use this brands proprietary memory type. They contain a small slot on the end that is capable of admitting a single microSD unit. If you mainly use microSD units but you want to be able to use a camera by this brand, this may be the right choice for your needs.
  • PRO Duo to original Memory Stick: These accessories are designed to be used to make PRO Duo units compatible with the original memory unit offered by Sony. They have a slot on the end that is designed to admit a PRO Duo memory unit. If you still use a camera that uses the original Memory Stick, you may want to consider this option.
  • Dual microSD to Memory Stick PRO Duo: These accessories are capable of admitting two microSD units. These units are inserted on each side of the adapting unit, and then the adapting unit is inserted into a compatible camera. This design is intended to double the amount of available storage space.
How do you use one of these adapters?

Once youve acquired an adapting unit that will work with your camera, follow these steps to install and use your unit:

  • First: Insert the memory unit into the end of the adapting accessory.
  • Next: Insert the adapting accessory into the camera. The camera will read the adapting accessory as a genuine memory unit.
  • Finally: Fill the memory unit with data, and then remove it from the camera. You can then swap out the memory unit for an empty replacement.
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