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What to Know About Canon 55mm Camera Lens Hoods

When youre taking pictures outside, its a good idea to have a camera lens hood attached to your Canon to protect the front element of the lens. Knowing the specifications of the lens you want to attach it to will ensure you get the right lens hood. It may be necessary to have several lens hood accessories to help with your photography.

What does a lens hood do?

A lens hood has two primary functions. The first is to protect the glass of the lens from scratches and the damaging effects of harsh UV rays. The second is to prevent any stray light from reaching the sensor. This helps prevent solar flare when youre taking photos, improving image quality.

How does a lens hood attach?

A lens hood can attach to the front of your Canon in a few different ways. You will want to choose whats most convenient for you. Types of hoods include:

  • Screw-on: This hood screws onto the front of the lens or the filter using the threading that is present.
  • Snap-on: This type snaps onto the front of the EOS camera lens.
  • Pull-on: This hood slides on and off the front of the lens.
How do you determine which hood to choose?

The length of the hood will vary based on the aperture setting of the Canon lens. If you have a wide-angle lens, you will require a shorter hood than if you have a long telephoto lens. When choosing a lens hood, make sure to check that it is compatible with your lens. A hood designed for a Canon EF-S may not work with another Canon camera kit lens. You will also need choose the right millimeter size, such as 55mm. If you already have a protective UV filter on your lens, you will need a lens hood that is designed to work with it.

What are some of the available features?

There are a few choices to make when selecting a lens hood to go onto your Canon. Some of the things to think about when choosing a product for your photography needs are:

  • Tulip vs. cone designs: The tulip design is better suited for wide-angle lenses.
  • Lining: Some hoods have a lining of black light-absorbing flocking.
  • Accessories kit: Some hoods include items such as microfiber cloths and cleaning products.
What are some of the materials hoods are made from?

A lens hood for your Canon DSLR can come in a variety of materials. You will want to review the options to determine the weight, durability, and overall aesthetic before choosing one to mount to your 55mm SLR lens. Materials include:

  • Metal.
  • Acrylic.
  • Rubber.
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