Car Headrest Video Monitors with Built-in Player

Car Video Monitors with DVD Players to Fit Headrests

When you tire of singing songs or telling knock-knock jokes, car video monitors provide instant entertainment. They fit on front-seat headrests and include DVD players to keep adults and children occupied for hours with their favorite DVD movies. Youll enjoy using monitors equipped with batteries that last six or seven hours to preserve your vehicles electricity.

What Are Some Important Considerations?

Sometimes, front passengers may want to listen to audio programs. Some video monitors include FM transmitters that output sound to the cars speaker system so everyone can hear. Buyers should make sure CD-RW, CD-R, and MP3 media formats are supported before settling on a certain model. Likewise, if you dont already have GPS equipment, a headrest monitor may include the global positioning system software that displays maps and gives oral directions. Get familiar with what comes with the equipment; namely; GPS antenna, wiring hardness, and RCA cables so you have everything you need for installation.

What Are Some Features of Headrest Monitors?

  • DVD Player: Most families want to be able to watch DVD movies or listen to music on road trips. You can purchase these players in dual headrest packages so theres one of for each headrest. Sometimes, single and dual headrest DVD players include built-in gaming systems.
  • Screen Size: The average screen size is 7 inches but larger screens up to 12.9 inches are available. The screen should be large enough to fit the designated space and provide clear visibility from the back seat. Most units are available with LCD touch screens for quicker menu navigation.  
  • USB Ports and Card Slots: Some of these video entertainment system devices are equipped with USB and SD card inputs. When traveling, you can take along a favorite music playlist and other media stored on portable memory sticks and cards.
  • Headphones: Entertain yourself in silence when wearing wired or wireless headphones that work with IR, RF, and Bluetooth technologies.  
  • HDMI Input: Use an HDMI adapter to connect your smartphone and view your photo gallery on the monitors screen. You can connect any digital device equipped with HDMI outputs.

How Do You Install a Headrest DVD Player and Monitor?

You probably already have basic tools to complete the project; assorted hand tools, glue, and a utility knife. Once you remove the headrest, youll thread the wires from the headrest and under the carpet to the vehicles dash. Before connecting the wires into the cars stereo system, strip the wires to expose the wire ends. After connecting the wires, return the headrest to its position making sure to hide any new wires. In some instances, headrest monitors can be powered by a cigarette lighter and do not require hard wiring.