Car Rear View Monitors, Cameras & Kits for Ford

Ford Car Rearview Monitors and Cameras for Seamless Reversing

If you want to have total confidence while you reverse your Ford vehicle, the new and used rearview cameras among these listings might be the solutions youve been looking for. Since there are quite a few different camera models to choose from, youll want to consult these answers to common customer questions before you make a final decision for your vehicle.

What types of backup cameras are there?

The backup cameras and sensors in this category install in a variety of different locations in the rear section of your car. While there are tons of different camera models to choose from, they all feature lenses that acquire images at the angles that you need to reverse safely, and they can be split into three major categories:

  • Handle backup cameras - These types of cameras fit into the handle of your trunk or tailgate. They integrate seamlessly into the original design or your handle to the point that they are hard to notice if you arent looking carefully.
  • Emblem backup cameras - These cameras fit into the Ford logo on the back of your car or truck. While they feature the iconic Ford logo in all of its glory, they are also home to cameras that are almost too small to see.
  • Exterior cameras - These cameras arent concealed in any way. Instead, they mount onto the top of your trunk or tailgate, and they are generally quite a bit larger than the types of cameras that fit inside your cars handle or emblem.
Can you use these backup cameras at night?

Yes, many of the cameras available from eBay are equipped with night vision capability. Night vision features means that if youre driving at night the image that shows up on the monitor in your dash will display the situation behind you in bright contrast.

How do you pick the right camera and monitor kit?

First, youll need to make sure that the camera or monitor that youre interested in is compatible with your car or truck. Then, youll need to make a final decision as to whether you want an emblem camera, a handle camera, or an exterior camera.

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