Car Rear View Monitors, Cameras & Kits for Volkswagen

Volkswagen Rear-view Cameras Help Make Driving Safe and Convenient

Technology continues to simplify and improve day-to-day tasks. A handy rear-view camera for your Volkswagen automobile can increase the ease and safety of your driving. Backup cameras, like those that you can buy and sell on eBay, make parking a cinch, and they take the guesswork out of otherwise complicated parallel parking or backing into tight spaces.

Which Volkswagen automobiles are rear-view cameras compatible with?

Many Volkswagen models are capable of supporting a hardwired rear-view camera. As most cameras are constructed to fit specific models, though, you should be certain that the camera that you purchase will fit your specific automobile. The make and date or model number of compatible cars are generally prominently displayed somewhere in the title or body of the cameras eBay listing, making it easy to search for a camera that will fit your car. A short selection of Volkswagen models that can accommodate a purpose-built camera includes:

  • 2006 and later VW Beatle
  • 2003 and later VW Passat
  • 2004 and later VW Golf
  • 2003 and later VW Phaeton
How does a rear-view camera work?

Most VW rear-view cameras are constructed to be secured into one of the preexisting spaces in the back of your car, such as the license plate light, or trunk handle, and easily wired into your automobiles existing electrical system, usually via the wiring used by your rear lights. A connecting cord can then be run through your automobile and connected to a display device, such as a GPS system, tablet, smartphone, or integral display monitor. Once physically installed, your new or pre-owned VW rear-view camera will allow you to view the area behind your vehicle. Most camera displays also include an alignment overlay onto the picture, allowing you to see where exactly your car is pointing and how it will fit into a given space.

Are cameras compatible with older VW models?

While a backup camera that has been built for your specific model of automobile is the easiest and most precise option, if you cant find one that is compatible with your VW automobile, non-model specific cameras are also available on eBay. Most work similarly to vehicle-specific devices but, instead of fitting neatly into a preexisting space, are secured to your license plate or other area. Many also include monitors or other display devices, convenient for older automobiles lacking integral displays.

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