Car Remote Start Kits

Before the discovery of the car-starter motor, engines were started using different techniques including gunpowder cylinders, human-powered methods, and wind-up springs. With technological improvement in the motor industry, however, vehicles can start off direct from the factory line using remote vehicle starter functionality.

What is a keyless entry system for cars?

A keyless entry system enables you to access the car without using the traditional key. Most car owners use it for efficiency since it can unlock all doors with only a touch of a button. The keyless entry unit differs from one car to another just like a remote opener of a garage door. Besides the specific frequency, the systems at times use a code, though the key and the unit have to be within a given distance apart for the system to work. In fact, most systems can work when the driver is still in the house.

How do you use a remote starter?

To remote start your car, hold down the start button for three seconds, and if you are using a smartphone-based system, install the app and touch the start or stop button. If your vehicle is powered by diesel, there might be some slight delays because the glow plugs have to warm up before starting the engine.

While owning a remote starter is one thing, knowing how to safely operate it is totally a different one. The first action to take is to prepare the car when turning it off. This is important if you own a vehicle with manual heater systems where you set the temperature control to hot and turn the fan speed to high. You have to do this in case there is sleet, ice, or frost when you want to remote start your car. If your car has automatic heater organizers, crank fan speed to maximum setting for the fan to heat and defrost your car. Once this becomes your habit every time you get out of the vehicle, it becomes your second nature.

The following is a summary of the unique features of a car remote starter:

  • Car alarm integration for security alerts
  • Control via smartphone app for more convenience
  • Car finder to help locate it
  • Remote light activation
  • Starter disconnect
  • 2-way remote to send and receive information

Remote car starters are convenient, especially during hot or cold days. You can use them to cool off or warm up your car before you enter for a more pleasant ride. You can also use them to lock or open car doors from a distance. Additionally, remote vehicle starters have built in safety features to alert you in case of theft incidences.