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Customize Your Vehicle's Audio System With Speaker Box Carpet

Speaker box carpet is an economical and flexible way to put the right finish on your car speaker and subwoofer project. It adds visual appeal and style to your audio system using the many colors and textures available.

How do you select the right material?

There are several factors you need to consider when selecting carpet for your project.

  • Cosmetic preference u001a You should be satisfied with the color and texture of the material you purchase. There are many options to choose from, and it's important to determine how you want the enclosures to match or coordinate with the interior colors of your vehicle. Take your time shopping. Once youu001ave glued the material on, itu001as difficult to start over.
  • Carpet designed for speakers u001a Donu001at buy carpet that is supposed to be on a floor. Speaker and subwoofer enclosure carpet is designed to be flexible, easy to work with, adhesive friendly, and long-lasting. Floor carpet is much stiffer, thicker, and less likely to stay on the box over time.
  • Speaker environment u001a If your enclosures will be exposed to moisture, you need to choose a carpet product that is resistant to this element. Water can easily seep through and weaken the material and adhesive, limiting the life of the covering.
  • Amount of material required u001a Select material that is sold at the maximum continuous length and width required for your project (and then some).
How do you determine the amount of carpet to purchase?

Speaker enclosure carpet is sold in custom sizes, so it is important to first have an installation plan set in place. Here are suggestions on how to purchase the right amount for your needs:

  • Make a covering plan u001a This helps you determine a proper covering procedure and give you a general understanding of how to approach material estimates.
  • Measure enclosure dimension(s) u001a These measurements are a starting point. The top, front, bottom, and back of the box usually can be wrapped with one length of a speaker box carpet roll. The sides (ends) are the tricky part, so you will need to determine material dimensions based on your pre-planned wrapping procedure.
What tools are used to install speaker carpet?

Just a few simple tools are required. A sharp cutting tool such as a razor knife will easily trim the carpet exactly where you need it. Scissors assist in cutting excess material and making long cuts. The most important tool is adhesive. Select an adhesive that will best secure the material to the type of surface it is covering.