Altavoz de Coche y Subwoofer Separadores

Space Your Speakers Strategically With Car Speaker and Subwoofer Spacers

If you're going to upgrade the area where you have audio equipment in your automobile, you can complete a custom audio-hardware renovation project by using speaker and subwoofer spacers. These pieces are compatible with a variety of automobile sound systems, and they will fit in many traditional cabins and sporty cabins. Many affordable car speaker and subwoofer spacers are available on eBay.

What material is used to make subwoofer and speaker spacers?

Wood is the main material that's used to construct speaker and subwoofer spacers for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Many audio-spacer brands use different types of wood to mold various spacers, so the color of a typical piece will vary. On eBay, most wooden spacers have a khaki color; this shade blends nicely with audio accessories that have a neutral color scheme. The sizes of wooden speaker spacers also vary; however, most options that are made for traditional automotive sound systems are 6.5 inches.

What are the speaker configuration options?

Multiple speaker and subwoofer spacers are bundled in various configurations. If you only need to set up a small audio system in a car that uses one speaker, a bundle that includes two spacers is worth considering. In order to set up and space stereo-system speakers, you'll need a spacer kit that includes four spacers. Larger spacer bundles are also options on eBay; these kits feature up to eight spacer pieces for different speakers and subwoofers.

What are the setup options for speaker and subwoofer spacers?

Used and preowned speaker and subwoofer spacers can effectively space audio accessories that are mounted on common automobile housing surfaces. On eBay, there are dozens of spacers that are made for fiberglass, which is a traditional mounting material for custom audio equipment. Although a fiberglass floor is strategically mounted to fit snugly in a trunk, you can arrange spacers on this material without worrying about stability. You'll also find speaker and subwoofer spacers that are compatible with kick pods and baffles.

What are key speaker and subwoofer spacer features?

Car speaker spacer products have features that provide design benefits and performance perks. For example, in order to give automobile owners strategic and convenient setup options, many brands cut their spacer into practical sizes with a certain thickness. The average width for a spacer is 7/8 inches; these pieces are usually 1.2 inches thick. Besides the measurements, spacers also have other design elements. Most spacer products on eBay may include one or more of the following features:

  • A bezel
  • A depth extender
  • A recessed design