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Fuel Pumps for International

The fuel pump in your International Harvester plays an important role in keeping your motor running. There are many options available when selecting a replacement fuel pump. The following are some questions you might want to consider when making your selection.

What types of fuel pumps are available?

A fuel pump is generally located inside the gas tank of your International Harvester. This component pumps the gas up from the tank into the motor.

There are two types of fuel pumps available, each with its own advantages. Understanding the types of fuel pumps can help you make a selection when one needs to be replaced in your International Harvester.

  • Mechanical fuel pumps: These are powered by the crankshaft of your Harvester. When you increase the speed of the vehicle, more fuel is pumped into the engine. This is a common type of fuel pump for diesel engines.
  • Electric fuel pumps: These can either be inline fuel pumps or internal fuel pumps. Inline pumps will be located on the outside of the tank and are sometimes coupled with an internal fuel pump for an added boost when needed. Internal pumps sit inside the fuel tank of your vehicle and float in the fuel.
What are some tips for selecting a fuel pump?

Selecting a replacement fuel pump for your International Harvester can seem complex with all the different options available. Following these tips can help you throughout the selection process.

  • Choose a fuel pump that will be compatible with your engine and fuel tank. Having information on the manufacturer, model, and year of your International can be helpful in selecting a pump. Sometimes manufacturers change the type of fuel pump part used in its vehicles halfway through the manufacturing year, so you may also want to get the production date of your vehicle.
  • Select a style of fuel pump. You can choose from a variety of internal and external electrical pumps, along with mechanical replacements.
  • Choose a brand. OEM and aftermarket replacement choices are available, with OEM parts being made by the original manufacturer and aftermarket ones being made by third-party manufacturers.
  • If you choose a fuel pump that is a different type from your existing one, you may need to make adjustments so that your vehicle can accept the new replacements.
What companies manufacture fuel pumps for your International Harvester?

Many companies manufacture fuel pumps. If you would like to find a stock replacement, you can select from an OEM brand like ACDelco. OEM replacements are designed to follow the factory specifications so that the parts fit properly. You can also select from companies such as Bosch, Airtex, Delphi, Carter, and other aftermarket brands. With aftermarket brands, you can select from OEM-quality parts, or choose from various performance and upgrade styles of pumps. Aftermarket replacements may need some adjustments to fit properly in your International Harvester. You can also choose from unbranded fuel pumps as well.