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Throttle Body for Mercedes-Benz

The throttle body for Mercedes-Benz helps the vehicle run smoothly by controlling the mixture of fuels. It is also responsible for how much air goes into the combustion chamber. Malfunctions of the system can cause an imbalance of fuels in addition to the loss of power.

What is the function of the throttle body?

The throttle body controls the amount of air that comes into the combustion chamber and prevents problems with fuel mixture ratio. It is located in the area of the throttle valve.

When should you replace the throttle body?
  • The check engine light comes on.
  • The reduced power warning message lights up on the dashboard.
  • Car performance is poor.
  • There is a lack of power.
  • The car does not slow down properly.
  • The transmission shifts poorly.
What happens when the Mercedes throttle body fails?

When the throttle body fails, the combustion chamber does not run smoothly. This causes the vehicle to have a sputtering engine or a loss of power.

What can prolong the life of the throttle body?

A fuel injection flush and an air induction service as part of a major tune-up can help prolong the life of the throttle body. The induction service also assists with eliminating the carbon from the air intake system and cleans the plate.

How do you replace the position sensor?

The position sensor is located by the left strut on the front side of the brake fluid reservoir. Changing the position sensor does not take much time and only requires a screwdriver and 10mm socket.

Is there a cable connected to the throttle valve?

In vintage models of the Mercedes-Benz, a cable was directly connected when you applied pressure to the gas pedal, which would activate the actuator. However, from 2000 on, Mercedes began using a drive-by-wire system. In these Mercedes-Benz models, when pressure is applied to the gas pedal, no cable is directly connected. In addition, the potentiometer identifies the position of the gas pedal. The engine control receives the signal, which examines the location of the pedal and additional sensor inputs, leading to the throttle body stimulating the actuator.

What is the throttle reset procedure?

The reset procedure allows the restart of the points of the gas pedal. It also resets the shift points of the transmission to default settings. The following steps entail the reset procedure.

  • Turn the ignition on and to position II without starting the car.
  • Press down the gas pedal for five seconds.
  • Turn off the ignition without taking out the key, then let go of the gas pedal.
  • Take out the key, and wait at least one minute before restarting the Mercedes.