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Throttle Body for Nissan

Your Nissan works hard for you, so it pays to keep its engine parts in good condition. The throttle body and each of its components is essential to keeping your motor revved and ready. Read on to learn more about this important and often overlooked element of your air intake system.

How does a throttle body for Nissan work?

Its part of the air intake system, and is located between the air filter and the intake manifold. The sensors detect and adjust the amount of air thats drawn into your engine. This helps control combustion and regulate fuel consumption, along with the fuel injectors. Inside the housing unit is a small butterfly valve called the throttle plate, which rotates on a shaft. When you step on the gas, the pedal activates the throttle, which turns the plate to allow air into the combustion chamber. When you take your foot off the accelerator, it shuts the valve and chokes off the airflow. Its the throttle position sensor that measures the temperature of the air/fuel ratio and enables the throttle to adjust the amount of cold air coming in accordingly. The cooler the air, the better the fuel economy in your Nissan vehicle.

How do you know when to service the throttle sensor?

If any of this part is blocked, you may see your check engine light come on or youll have trouble starting the engine. It can also lead to your engine stalling, slow acceleration, or motor surges because the motor isnt receiving the right level of oxygen to ignite or sustain combustion. Because one of the first components to go in this part is usually the temperature gauge, it may also affect performance of electrical cables and related components, such as your radio or dashboard panel controls.

Why is it important to service the throttle body?

Proper functioning of this part is essential for keeping fuel-injected engines running smoothly. Due to the location and function of the throttle body, it tends to get a lot of carbon buildup. This can clog the part and cause the control to register improperly. One of the first symptoms of this happening is a rough idle. With regular service, youll be able to ride on with your original throttle for many miles.

How do you clean this part?

There are two ways to go about removing buildup. One involves using a fuel additive in your gas tank to cleanse the injectors and intake system every time you drive your car. The other procedure involves removing the body and going over it thoroughly with a degreasing agent thats made especially for fuel system components. Most car manufacturers recommend having it serviced by having the blades and plate wiped down every 30,000 miles and giving a complete cleanse every 100,000 miles.